WRC:Solberg Gets Upgrade For Rally d'Italia Sardegna

Tony CastaneiraAnalyst IMay 12, 2009

Petter Solberg had said, last week, he would not drive his 2005 Citroen Xsara WRC on the next round of the World Rally Championship, the Rally d’Italia Sardegna.

Solberg has been chasing performance upgrades on his 2005-specification car for sometime and the Norwegian says he can’t go into the hot summer rallies with the car in its current state.

“I need some help here,” he said. “Some of the stage times and podiums have been more than I expected with this car, but now I want more. If I can get the 2006 parts for the Xsara, that would really help with the hot rallies.”

“I would get a bigger radiator, intercooler and a bigger air in-take, all of which would help with the cooling and give me more power. I noticed in Portugal, when the engine got to a certain temperature, the power started to drop. I want to fight for the podiums, I want to fight with the Fords and if the car stays as it is, this isn’t possible and I’m not interested in that.”

If he didn’t get the upgrades, the 2003 champion was ready to look at driving a Peugeot. Solberg said he has watched with interest as private teams have developed the Peugeot 307 WRC.

So, Petter finally got his 2006 Xsara from Citroen. That’s quite a big difference from the 05 one, and now he can start to make results for real. He got the car after discussions with Citroen (no, surprise, huh) after threatening them with going to another manufacturer. It will be nice to see what Petter can do when he debuts his “new” Citroen at the upcoming Rally d'Italia Sardegna.