USC Is a Top-10 Dream College

Kyle BunchSenior Analyst IApril 11, 2008

The nation's premier college ranking service, the Princeton Review, recently released the results of its fifth annual College Hopes and Worries Survey.

8,776 college applicants were asked what their ideal college would be if acceptance and cost were no concern.

USC came out ninth in the 2008 top-10 list of dream colleges. So it's true, what Mario Danelo used to say: "Living the Dream."

For a good cross-section of America, USC students get the opportunity to live the dream each and every day.

The top 10 dream colleges, as according to the Princeton Review list, are

1. Harvard

2. Stanford

3. Princeton

4. New York University

5. Yale

6. Brown

7. Columbia

8. Cornell

9. USC

10. (and far-far away at very last place) [f]UCLA.