TNA Impact Wrestling: Rumors, News, Bound for Glory Update and August 15 Preview

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 14, 2013

Photo via ImpactWrestling
Photo via ImpactWrestling

Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling has been dubbed Hardcore Justice and is being billed as a pay-per-view the company is giving away for free.

While there are a few fiscal issues that can be raised by giving away a show like this—TNA should be making money off Hardcore Justice—Impact Wrestling is smart to advertise this episode as something special in order to get fans interested in the product.

Who doesn’t love free?

Add in a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match and major implications in the Bound for Glory Series, and casual and hardcore wrestling fans alike will be excited for Thursday’s free-per-view.


Where: Constant Convocation Center, Norfolk, Va.

When: Thursday, Aug. 15, at 9 p.m. ET

Watch: Spike TV


Hardcore Justice’s TNA Heavyweight Championship

There is a contingent of fans who believe Chris Sabin’s run as champion has been a success for the company as the current title holder, but this has been one of the most lackluster title reigns in the history of TNA.

As bad as the Aces and Eights storyline has been, Bully Ray is a far more entertaining champion than Sabin.

Question on Everybody's Mind: Who Will Walk Out of Hardcore Justice with the Title?

Sabin is one of the most talented wrestlers in the world and his story of redemption after two major knee surgeries is flat-out amazing, but his inability to cut a great promo and the lack of support from the fans has doomed his chances of being a top star.

Bully Ray proved how great he can be as Impact Wrestling’s top heel, and the company must put the belt back on the long-time veteran. It’s Bully or bust Thursday night.

Hype Meter: 3 out of 5 Temporary Rubs

It has become clear that TNA saw a lull period in the booking before the Bound for Glory PPV in October and decided to fill it with a title change and a run by Sabin. With this experiment failing miserably—the fans do not care about Sabin as champ and he hasn’t been booked properly—it’s finally time for the company to redeem itself and give the title back to Bully Ray.

Let’s just hope that once Bully has the title again, TNA doesn’t start building to a Bound for Glory match between the new champion and Hulk Hogan instead of whoever goes on to win the BFG Series.

TNA Rumors: Kurt Angle Reportedly Out of Main Event Mafia Storyline While in Rehab, via TNA Wrestling News.


Bound for Glory Series Gets Interesting

The next real PPV on the schedule for TNA is Bound for Glory, and the BFG Series is kicking into high gear at Thursday’s Hardcore Justice show. Despite TNA cancelling the Aces and Eights vs. Main Event Mafia co-main event, the company has added two huge bouts to make up for it.

Not only will there be a four-man ladder match (Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries vs. Kazarian), but a four-man table match (Magnus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode vs. Ken Anderson) should also make this one of the most interesting episodes in recent memory.

Question on Everybody's Mind: Who Will Win the BFG Series?

There are so many directions that TNA can go with this year’s competition, but the groundwork has been laid for almost a full year that AJ Styles would be the man to win at the end. After being excluded from the World Heavyweight Championship scene, allowing Styles to lurk in the middle of the standings and come out of nowhere to win it all would be a great conclusion to the story.

Hype Meter: 3 out of 5 Jay Bradley Boom Sticks

Looking past the obvious flaws that plague the BFG Series, there is a feeling that TNA may go in a different direction than having Styles win. Despite the homegrown star deserving the title shot for all of his hard work and patience, the call could easily be made to put Jeff Hardy back on top.

The worst possible outcome could be that TNA has set the precedent for the series winner losing the title in the main event when Roode was unable to beat Kurt Angle in 2011. While there is still plenty of time in this competition, the writing is on the wall for this BFG Series to go horribly off the tracks.

TNA Rumors: Impact Wrestling Looking to Add More Talent to the Roster? Per PWInsider, via TNA Wrestling News.


Bound for Glory Standings

Magnus, 39 points

Samoa Joe, 26 points

Jeff Hardy, 24 points

Mr. Anderson, 24 points

Christopher Daniels, 23 points

AJ Styles, 22 points

Austin Aries, 21 points

Bobby Roode, 7 points

Hernandez, 7 points

Frankie Kazarian, 2 points

Jay Bradley, 0 points

Joseph Park, -3 points


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