WWE SummerSlam 2013: Rhodes vs. Sandow Must Be for Money in the Bank Briefcase

Alfred KonuwaFeatured Columnist IVFebruary 5, 2017

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow's current rivalry began at Money in the Bank.  Rhodes was within inches of a Money in the Bank win when his former best friend shoved him off of a ladder, only to capture the blue goldmine for himself. 

Ever since, the SmackDown Money in the Bank briefcase has been a centerpiece of their feud.  Rhodes stole it one night on SmackDown.  The final climactic scenes would see the son of a son of a plumber toss the briefcase into the Gulf of Mexico. 

Sandow has since changed the briefcase to a more refined leather briefcase that better suits his character.  This past Monday on Raw, Sandow made sure to handcuff the briefcase to the steel post, leading to a finish where Rhodes distracted him by trying to steal it yet again.  Rhodes' outside interference would cost Sandow his match against Randy Orton

Several weeks of feuding over a briefcase has delivered the Rhodes-Scholars rivalry to Big Four pay-per-view SummerSlam, where the two are set to compete in a singles match.

For whatever reason, The Money in the Bank Briefcase will not be on the line. 

Hopefully this is just the beginning of a long feud that will eventually get there as opposed to lazy storytelling by WWE creative. 

They do realize that the only reason these two are feuding is because of that briefcase, right?  Like, if it wasn't for that divisive, conch-like briefcase, Sandow and Rhodes would still be WWE's premier forced friendship? 

That briefcase personifies the very joy, superiority, conflict, bitter frustration and missed opportunity by this ongoing rivalry.  

Come SummerSlam, there is no reason why it shouldn't represent resolution. 

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