Every Finalist's Best Sales Pitch to Land 5-Star DE Lorenzo Carter

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIAugust 13, 2013

Lorenzo Carter via 247Sports
Lorenzo Carter via 247Sports

Lorenzo Carter is one of the best defensive recruits in the nation, so naturally many top schools are vying for his commitment.

Carter is the No. 1 weak-side defensive end in the 2014 class and the No. 1 player from the talent-laden state of Georgia, both according to the 247Sports composite rankings.

He's 6'5'', 232 pounds and runs a 4.63 40, per 247Sports. Carter can play strong up at the line of scrimmage, but he also has elite athleticism and is great in open space. He's a defensive end, but he's versatile enough to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 system.

Simply put, Carter is going to be a huge commitment for some lucky program.

He recently narrowed down a top seven, but within that group of finalists, three stood out as obvious choices. For the record, those three are also on top of Carter's 247Sports interest list. 

In what we hope to be an epic series (Check out Da'Shawn Hand and Ermon Lane's editions), we here at the Signed, Sealed, Delivered blog have put together a fake account of what we imagine it would be like if each coach in Lane's obvious group of Florida, Alabama and Georgia called him to leave a message.

Note: These are indeed satirical in nature.


You've reached Lorenzo Carter, leave a message at the beep...





"Hey there Lorenzo, this is coach Will Muschamp with the Florida Gators. I'm just going to be real up front with ya, I think we have something real special going on down here in Gainesville. I know you know Ermon Lane because you saw him tear it up at The Opening. Well, as you probably also know, Lane committed to us recently, and so did two of his friends.

We've got 15 spots filled up now and things are filling up quick. Listen, Lorenzo, we really need you. We really want you to come down and play in The Swamp.

There's a ton of great talent in this class already, but you could really put us over the top. Florida football needs you. You're the guy we really want to land.

Nothing beats SEC football, and we believe we're putting together a squad that can beat the Alabama and Georgia teams of the world. I know you're looking at both of those schools, and we think we can beat them.

Coach Saban and Richt are great guys, but we're going to use you in a way that allows you to be physical while showing off your athleticism and agility. 

I really do think we're a great fit. Talk to you soon."





"Hello, this is coach Mark Richt of the Georgia Bulldogs calling for Lorenzo. Just wanted to get in a quick word with ya, Mr. Carter. You know how much we'd love if you stayed in state and committed to us, Lorenzo.

Athens is not that far away from home, which means the people you're closest to would be able to come watch you play. We're like a big family over here anyhow Lorenzo, but it's always a plus when the people from home can come and support you here.

As far as football's concerned, you know we love how athletic you are. You could really do some great things with our defense. You saw what an athlete like Jarvis Jones could do in this scheme, right? We think you can put up those kinds of numbers and have that kind of impact in the 3-4. He's in the NFL now, as are a bunch of other notable Georgia graduates.

You'll be representing the great state of Georgia, you'll be close to home and you know we're going to work to take that next step for a national championship.

Hopefully we can talk more, Lorenzo. Hope all is well."



Lorenzo? Lorenzo can you hear me. Oh, it's the answering machine. Anyways, this is Nick Saban from Alabama. Sorry if you can't hear me, I'm trying to get the high score on this one game in our new arcade.

Did you know we we got an arcade, Lorenzo? Yup, it's right next to the players lounge and the billiards tables. Heck, when they're not in the Hydrotherapy room, working on the anti-gravity treadmill or winning three of the past four national championships, the guys are normally playing in the arcade. They love it.

Anyhow, I've got to go."



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