Athletes Who Look Exactly the Same as They Did 10 Years Ago

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistAugust 13, 2013

Athletes Who Look Exactly the Same as They Did 10 Years Ago

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    We all hope to look in the mirror one day and see the same face that we had in our mid-20s, but unfortunately, that doesn't always happen.

    Thanks to aging, we're often left with wrinkles, weird ass scabs and a lot of unnecessary hair growing in random places.

    While I'm fortunate enough to be a 28-year-old holding onto my chubby cheeks, I know it won't last forever.

    That's not a problem for these athletes though, who, after a decade has passed, still look the exact same as they always have.

Greg Oden (Heat)

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    OK, so new Heat center Greg Oden might not have been around the Association back in 2003, but you can bet your ass that the current 25-year-old looked just as he does now—like a damn 45-year-old man!

    Being just 15 a decade ago, Oden dominated both on the basketball court against high school competition and in amount of facial hair amongst his peers for sure.

John Terry (Chelsea and England National Team)

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    As you'll see with most athletes on this list, the only thing that separates Chelsea captain and England national player John Terry from his 22-year-old self in 2003 is some thinning hair and a really baggy jersey.

    Other than that though, Terry seems to have kept the same looks that he had back then.

    Wonder if he was just as racist then as he is now? 

    I certainly hope not.

David Ortiz (Red Sox)

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    If you look at Red Sox slugger David Ortiz now, and compare him to the "Big Papi" of ten years ago, there are few differences in the appearance.

    Built like a damn beer truck, Ortiz still has his "svelt" frame, while not aging a bit in the face.

    The good news is that he did lose that pseudo afro-looking thing he had back then.

Tom Brady (Patriots)

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    If there's one athlete I admit to being completely jealous of, it's Tom Brady.

    Can you blame me though?

    The guy has won three Super Bowl rings (playing in five big games total), a couple league MVPs ('07 and '10) and is currently married to one of the most popular supermodels ever, Gisele Bundchen.

    Add into that that the Patriots quarterback has kept the same looks at his current age of 36 as he had when he was 26, and it makes me hope I can have even a quarter of his luck.

Kobe Bryant (Lakers)

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    He may have still been rocking that No. 8 jersey and just switching to Nike from Adidas sneaks in 2003, but Lakers star Kobe Bryant hasn't changed much besides his jersey and sneaker company since.

    With the tight crop cut hairstyle and the same intensity in his face as he's always had, he really has lived up to his self-given nickname of "Vino"—only getting better with age—yet still looking (and playing) as he did at 24 years old.

Mariano Rivera (Yankees)

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    Although Yankees closer Mariano Rivera is 43 years old these days, he doesn't look a day over at least 35.

    Save for a loss of hair up top and and maybe a few wrinkles here or there, Mo has kept that trademark smile gleaming over the past 10 years—and with good reason, as he's won an additional World Series ring (2009), giving him five in his career, and becoming MLB's all-time saves leader.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portugal National Team)

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    Turns out all Cristiano Ronaldo needed was some Proactiv.

    Just as much of a pretty boy then as he is now, Real Madrid and Portugal national team star earns a spot here for his extremely metrosexual look.

    Changing a few things (like his hair over and over) in the 10 years since playing for esteemed club, Manchester United, Ronaldo has used his looks to land some seriously hot girls, so props to him on that.



Sidney Crosby (Penguins)

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    Even after taking a damn puck to the mouth, Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby has managed to keep that baby face of his.

    While still playing in the Junior League back in 2003 as a 16 year old, Crosby led his team to a league title, while scooping up every major award for his team, Rimouski Oceanic.

    With a Stanley Cup title and Hart trophy as the league's MVP (2007), Crosby may still look like he barely needs to shave, but he still cuts up opponents with his hockey skills.

Peyton Manning (Broncos)

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    If you replaced the Colts uniform that Peyton Manning is wearing in this picture with his current team, the Broncos, chances are you'd be duped into thinking that it was taken in the last 12 months, because dude looks the exact same.

    Of course, the two major things that have changed about Manning since 2003 are that he's now with Denver and, more importantly, finally earned the Super Bowl ring that everyone was critical of him missing ten years ago.

Tiger Woods (PGA Tour)

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    Though a lot has changed for Tiger Woods in the past 10 years, some things have undoubtedly remained the same.

    He's still the No. 1 ranked player in the world these days, is still the most feared man on a golf course before any tournament and remains to look the exact same as he did back then.

    Of course, he's no longer married to former wife Elin (umm, we all know what happened there) and hasn't won a major in five years (after winning six between '03 and '08), but at least he's still looking younger than ever at age 37.

Derek Jeter (Yankees)

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    Just as his aforementioned teammate Mariano Rivera, if you have a poster of Yanks shortstop Derek Jeter up now, or from a decade ago, they look the exact same.

    As the king of New York City and one of the greatest players to ever wear pinstripes, it's no wonder Jeter has little stress in his life, making him seem a lot younger than the 39 years he's actually lived.

    Oh yeah, and dating some of the sexiest ladies alive has probably helped that too.

Tony Parker (Spurs)

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    Spurs point guard Tony Parker might not have all of the hair he had on his head back when he was a 20 year old, second-year player for the Spurs in 2003, but other than that, his looks haven't changed too much.

    As one of the most electrifying backcourt players in the league, TP's game may have evolved with the times, but his looks definitely haven't.