Top 5 Premier League Fanbases by Passion

Nick Akerman@NakermanFeatured ColumnistAugust 12, 2013

Top 5 Premier League Fanbases by Passion

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    The Premier League is full of passionate support.

    Each week, stadiums are crammed with individuals whose every mood is dictated by their beloved club. Did a 1-1 draw ruin your week at work? Lose a game in the last-minute and divorce your partner?

    It's fair to say passion defines the sport. Which top flight supporters impress most in this area? Read on to find out.

5. Norwich City

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    Any set of supporters who can get excited by going 1-0 up against Stoke City deserve to be on this list.

    Carrow Road has long been a difficult testing ground for the Premier League's top clubs and is often buoyant when an important match takes place. The likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur failed to leave the stadium with three points last season and struggled to cope with an intimidating atmosphere.

    Of course, nothing shows passion like entering the pitch at half-time and screaming at your fellow fans. Famous chef and former shareholder Delia Smith did exactly that back in 2005. The BBC reported her speech, capturing its cringe-worthy content in full detail:

    "This is a message for possibly the best supporters in the world. We need a 12th man here. Where are you? Where are you? Let's be having you. Come on."

    In possibly the most polite and stereotypically British crowd address ever, Smith underlined just how crazy the Norwich bug can make you. Or maybe there was something wrong with her cakes.

4. Swansea City

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    Swansea City fans have followed their team through thick and thin.

    As brilliantly documented in the BBC's "Swansea City: The Fall and Rise," this is a team that has been through it all. Rescued by the fans on the brink of dropping away from the football league, it's outrageous to witness the club's progress over the past decade.

    The Swans' Capital One Cup win is the signal of a new era at the Liberty Stadium. With Cardiff City now in the Premier League, expect the passion of both Welsh side's fans to intensify on match day.

    With teams like Queens Park Rangers spending money and trying to progress in an unsustainable fashion, it's refreshing to witness Swansea doing so well. If it wasn't for the fans, this club wouldn't exist at all.

3. West Ham United

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    We all know the mark of passionate support is how many pasty, slightly chubby men take their shirts off within close proximity.

    Nothing says true love like shaving your head and letting the body's natural odours seduce all of those around you. Hell, lift those armpits up and let your compatriots embrace the stench.

    West Ham United is all about tradition and the development of youth. Although the Boleyn Ground has seen players such as Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick and Joe Cole move on to bigger and better things after spending time in the club's youth ranks, local Hammers have never become disheartened with the club's lack of progress.

    Any club who can attract the support of Frodo Baggins must be seething with passion. If the guy who carried the one ring cares about West Ham, you should too.

2. Liverpool

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    Whether you enjoy the Liverpool way of doing things or not, everybody can agree the club has terrific support.

    The Anfield club is built on tradition, huge success and terrible tragedy. Whether it's the winning of major trophies or continued fight for justice after the Hillsborough disaster, this is a club that deserves respect, no matter your allegiance.

    "You'll Never Walk Alone" is one of football's most famous anthems. Whether it's sung in Merseyside half way through the campaign or belted out in Dublin during preseason, the club's support and passion is something to marvel at.


1. Newcastle United

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    The definitive way of working out which Premier League team has the most passionate support is simple: how extremely would you inconvenience an animal to show your undying love?

    Maybe you'd prod an otter with a feather duster. Perhaps you'd tickle a gnu's beard with the rubber end of a pencil. You might even whisper derogatory quips straight into the ears of a llama.

    Would you punch a horse for your club? Now that's how you show passion.

    As reported by the Daily Mail, this unfortunate event took place after Newcastle's 3-0 home loss to local rivals Sunderland. Even so, the majority of Magpies fans are positively spirited and always ready to cheer their team in an non-offensive way (i.e. not using your fists on equine).

    Inside England, Newcastle's support often stacks up against the more successful clubs and creates a cauldron of atmosphere come match day.


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