Big Show Competes at House Show, Cleared to Return to WWE TV

Joe Johnson@@JoeJohnsonREALSenior Writer IIAugust 12, 2013

The Big Show has been out of action for months, rehabbing from injury most of the summer. He's been traveling with the crew for the last few weeks, but he's yet to appear on television. It seems, though, that the World's Largest Athlete is ready to reemerge. 

According to PWInsider, Big Show recently competed in a battle royal at a WWE house show and is ready to make his TV return this week. It's not clear if he'll return for a certain program related to SummerSlam or if the WWE will hold off until after Sunday's pay-per-view. 

At his age, considering the injuries and weight concerns that he's battled throughout his career, it's likely time for Big Show to move into a part-time role as an in-ring performer. At his size and with his legacy, he remains a draw as, if nothing else, a novelty. 

Andre the Giant, the first truly great big men in the wrestling industry, was never the athlete the Big Show is. Andre, who moved well in his youth, aged very quickly and didn't have access to the same health care options as today's athletes. He was breaking down by the early 1980s and was on his last legs by the time Hulk Hogan bodyslammed him at WrestleMania III. 

The Big Show has seen greater longevity than many other super heavyweights and should be commended for his dedication to the profession. He should, though, move to a part-time schedule so that we can get the maximum impact from his time left.

The quintessential pro, Big Show has always known his role. He's a monster capable of playing both face or heel. He can be a ruthless bad guy or the World's Largest Teddy Bear. This versatility makes him that much more valuable. He can legitimately play either side of the aisle in an effort to put over young talent. 

I expect Big Show to return and join Mark Henry in a handicap match against The Shield at SummerSlam. Fresh off the best week-in, week-out run of his career, Henry deserves a match at SummerSlam. As does The Shield, which currently is carrying both the U.S. and Tag Team titles. 

The Usos jobbed to The Real Americans last week on Raw, so they don't appear primed to rejoin Henry in a rematch against The Shield. Adding Big Show to the bout would pop the crowd and a victory for The Shield would keep the group on track as a formidable stable. 

Are you excited about Big Show's return? How do you think he can best be used within the WWE Universe?