WWE Raw: Rumors, News and Preview for August 12's SummerSlam Go-Home Show

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 12, 2013

Photo via WWE.com
Photo via WWE.com

Monday’s edition of Raw will be the final episode before Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, and the excitement surrounding the WWE and the second-largest show on the schedule has fans around the world at a fever pitch.

The main events have been set for the August extravaganza, but the WWE understands that this week’s Raw is the final chance to build the undercard and convince casual and hardcore fans alike to order the PPV.

While go-home shows are typically slow-paced and solely focused on ensuring the groundwork has been set for the weekend, there is still so much left to do.

The WWE Universe is in for a wild episode on Monday night’s Raw.


Where: Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, Calif.

When: Monday, August 12 at 8 p.m. ET

Watch: USA Network


CM Punk Takes on Paul Heyman

After being attacked by Brock Lesnar once again last week, CM Punk is scheduled to go one-on-one with his former manager and best friend Paul Heyman. As amazing as it would be to see Heyman and Punk work a match that tells a fun story, this is likely just a way for Heyman to lure Punk into a vulnerable position so Lesnar can attack once again.

Question on Everyone’s Mind: Will Lesnar or Punk Get the Upper Hand?

Typically the star that goes on to lose at the PPV looks strong the week before the show in order to make the battle look as even as possible. With Lesnar beating Punk down last week, there is little doubt that Punk will have a trick of his own up his sleeve during his match.

If Punk stands tall over Lesnar Monday night, he will take the loss at SummerSlam.

Hype Meter: 5 out of 5 Punk and Heyman Promos

The hope is that Heyman comes out begging and pleading Punk to not go through with the match against him Monday, resulting in the duo exchanging words on the mic. After a healthy dosage of promos, Punk should attack his former manager.

Before Lesnar even hits the ring, Punk should have a weapon hidden and must take down the beast just a few days before one of the biggest matches of his life. This would be a great visual leading into SummerSlam and would make Punk look extremely strong.

WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Scheduled to Appear at Raw, per Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc.


The McMahon Family and the WWE Championship Scene

The WWE Championship match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan is one of the most anticipated title matches in a long time. As great as the build has been, the ever-present force of Money in the Bank winner Randy Orton and the involvement of the McMahon family have convoluted this storyline.

How Monday’s Raw plays out will be the ultimate foreshadowing for Sunday’s PPV.

Question on Everyone’s Mind: Will Triple H or Vince McMahon Tease Interference?

The battle between Triple H and Vince McMahon for power over the WWE is obviously heading toward an eventual match between the two men or between two wrestlers representing them (like Donald Trump vs. Vince at WrestleMania 23).

With Mr. McMahon acknowledging that he doesn’t want Cena or Bryan to win the title, the writing is on the wall for him to help Orton cash in and become a corporate champion. Triple H understands his father-in-law has something up his sleeve, so expect a preemptive strike on Monday’s Raw.

Hype Meter: 3 out of 5 Convoluted Storylines

While there is no doubt that Vince helping Orton cash-in the briefcase at SummerSlam would create an intriguing storyline among the three combatants, it’s the angle involving the balance of power between the McMahon family that is going to hurt this in the long run.

The WWE continues to tease tension between Triple H and Mr. McMahon, and if this is building to a WrestleMania match between the two men, this could turn into a main-event mess.

WWE Rumors: Big Plans for McMahon Family Storyline, per Wrestling Observer Newsletter via Wrestling Inc.


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