Cubs Facing Phillies' Pitcher Cole Hamels on Saturday

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Cubs Facing Phillies' Pitcher Cole Hamels on Saturday
Cole Hamels, one of the best young pitchers in the game, will try and give the Phillies a second straight win against the Cubs. Using over 800 pitches from July 2007 thru last week, I'm able to pick out three pitches in the PITCHf/x data. More than half of what he throws are fastballs, around 90mph, touching 95 on occasion (if you believe the data). 32% of his pitches are the change-up, which is a nasty pitch, and the rest curves.

There was a lot of noise from park-to-park, and Philly looks messed-up this year. I haven't looked at the Friday night game at this writing, but I will before Hamels takes the hill tomorrow against Ted Lilly.



 Swing RateWhiff RateB:CS

Spin Movement chart:


ESPN's scouting report shows the same three pitches and Gameday 2008 agrees with the these pitch IDs, with one exception. Gameday gave an FC to less than 10 pitches in his 4/2/08 start, but that one game had to be adjusted a few inches. So, I'll see if there's more of those in 2008 (e.g. new pitch from '07) after/during tomorrow's game. Also, ESPN says he throws a slider to LHH 1% of the time, but, otherwise, they list the same three pitches. Fangraphs matches ESPN, too.

Should be a tough match-up for the Cubs tomorrow. Forecast indicates around 70°, windy with some rain showers possible.

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