7 Arsenal Players the Fans Never Took to

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIAugust 14, 2013

7 Arsenal Players the Fans Never Took to

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    Arsenal fans show plenty of appreciation to players when they feel it's deserved, but there are a few former Gunners who Gooners never took to.

    These players were either disliked by fans throughout their time at the club or simply not the subject of much adoration compared to their teammates.

    Sometimes these players never had a chance, either because of the way they were signed or their previous history against the club. Others failed to live up to their billing, and the fans lost interest as a result.

    All the players from this list are players who signed with Arsenal from other clubs. Youth products didn't factor in, as they are usually well-received if they stay or wished luck if they move on. Players who came on loan, such as Julio Baptista or Yossi Benayoun, are also not considered.

    We'll take these players' entire career at the club into account, though the first season at the club is when their relationship with the fans is really made. Interestingly enough, a lot of these players have been a part of the club's recent history.

    While the number of players Arsenal fans adore completely outnumber this lot, here are seven players that Arsenal fans never took to.


Sebastien Squillaci

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    Sebastien Squillaci arrived at Arsenal with a decent career under his belt, having played regularly for Monaco, Lyon and Sevilla before moving to London.

    With the side in need of a quality central defender heading into the 2010/11 season, though, the Frenchman was not what fans had in mind. His performances quickly turned the wary fans into disgruntled then openly disappointed ones, fearing to see the No. 18 on the team sheet before a match.

    Unfortunately, injuries meant he played a large role in his debut season, but things went quickly downhill after that.

Park Chu Young

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    It's hard to have any sort of positive feeling toward a player who has only played one league match and arrived as part of a buy-what-you-can spree for Arsenal at the start of the 2011/12 season. That's the case with Park Chu-Young.

    Some Arsenal fans may sympathize with him in regards what the move has done to his career, but that doesn't mean he's a player they were ever really going to warm up to.

    Park is the only player on this list who's still with the squad, but that probably won't be the case much longer. Arsenal fans won't be disappointed to see him go. 

Mikael Silvestre

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    Mikael Silvestre came from one of Arsenal's biggest rivals, which ensured that his arrival at Arsenal was met with disdain.

    Add in the fact that he wasn't a quality defender, and you had many incredulous Arsenal fans. Just as with another French defender on this list, Silvestre's performances made it much easier for fans to dislike him.

    He left the club after two years, a departure which couldn't have come sooner.

Lassana Diarra

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    Lassana Diarra was a talented player when he joined Arsenal but, as with Mikael Silvestre, he came from a rival.

    That, and the fact that he was joining a midfield full of players who could perform similar roles, meant he had a lot to prove. Diarra joined the Gunners in search of more first-team football, and after just six months he made it clear that he wanted to move on.

    That attitude, and the quick departure that followed, means fans didn't have a chance to take to him. He didn't give them much to be excited about in any case, as he wasn't a top performer when he did get on the pitch.



William Gallas

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    William Gallas came to Arsenal a winner; he came in exchange for one of Arsenal's best defenders; he came from a rival; and he came, if reports are to be believed, partly because of a threat.

    The outspoken Frenchman may have had the talent and experience that Arsenal needed, but not the overall attitude. Arsenal fans will never forget that outburst against Birmingham.

    Some may call it passion or emotion, but that's not what the young Arsenal side needed from their supposed leader.

    Gallas' attitude towards his teammates also led to him being stripped of his captaincy and falling out with his defensive partner, Kolo Toure. He may have been a good player, but Gallas did little to endear himself to the Arsenal faithful.

Francis Jeffers

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    Arsene Wenger believed that Arsenal had signed a premier "fox in the box" striker in the form of Francis Jeffers back in 2001.

    Though it's unfortunate that Jeffers suffered through plenty of injuries throughout his career, his hype and his price tag meant fans expected much from him. All they got was eight goals in 39 games.

    Jeffers was young and English, which should have made it even easier to like him, but his ineptitude means he falls low on the list of favoured Arsenal players.

Marouane Chamakh

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    Marouane Chamakh was en route to becoming a fan favourite six months into his Arsenal career. It all fell apart so quickly.

    He soon became the forgotten man behind Robin van Persie in the forward line, with even Gervinho preferred to him centrally at times. Chamakh suffered a massive loss of confidence that made his play on the pitch quite lethargic at times.

    Unfortunately for him, that meant fans weren't too happy to see him on the pitch, though they may have felt some pity for his plight. He's moved on to Crystal Palace now, and fans are generally happy that he's gone.