Some Questions That Marc Bulger Needs To Be Asked

Brian McDowellCorrespondent IApril 1, 2017

Here is what I would ask the much-maligned quarterback of the St. Louis Rams, Marc Bulger, if I had the chance.


You were picked in the 2000 NFL draft before Tom Brady was. Did his initial success put a lot of mental pressure on you, as a young quarterback?

When you first joined the Rams, you were a backup for Kurt Warner. What is the most important lesson that he taught you about being a quarterback?

How did you feel about Warner's performance last year with the Cardinals, and do you think he can repeat his success this season?

Who do you think is the most intimidating defensive player that you've faced in the NFL?

Towards the end of a disastrous season, like the one that your team had last year, when it's obvious that your team isn't going to make the playoffs, what is it that keeps you motivated to play?

Last season, you threw more interceptions than touchdowns. How much do blame for that should go to you, as opposed to your receivers or offensive line?

What did you learn about yourself and your team last year?

Does the expectations of fans affect your mentality, and do you think it affects your performance?

What is the worst thing about playing on the Rams?

Next year, it is said that the Rams will be going with a "west coast offense", and that Stephen Jackson will have an increased role. Where do you, as a quarterback, fit into that?

What is the most important step that your new coach, Spagnuolo, has taken to improve the team?

The Rams have a crop of young, untested receivers going in to the next season. Does this lack of experience bother you?

Next year, who do you anticipate throwing the ball to the most?


I hope to see Bulger answer these questions next year. I'd also like for him to receive the blocking he needs, find some people to throw to, and lead the Rams to the victories that their fans so sorely desire.