A Quick Note to Oakland Raiders Haters

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A Quick Note to Oakland Raiders Haters
Firstly, as a loyal member of the Nation of Raiders I would like to thank all the people who take valuable time out of there days to dedicate an article to the Oakland Raiders. To the Negative writers, I ask you....What are the objectives of your writings? I read your articles as you bash Al Davis, Raider players, but most often the Raider Nation and I can’t help to think, why? Five seasons of losing records ITSELF couldn't destroy the loyalty which is inside a Raider Fan. So if years of defeat couldn't do it, do you believe YOU a puny little man behind a desk can do it? If you believe so that’s quite pathetic and I would tell you to quit your wasting your time. And I have to tell you, messing with Raider Fans isn't exactly the wisest decision to make. These men literally bleed Black & Silver and would do anything for those Oakland Raiders who put it on the line for them every Sunday. Not only that, when we refer ourselves to a Raider Nation we mean that exactly. We embrace each other as a Raider Family who shares a love for our team. No, believe it or not not all Raider fans where a Gorilla suit and play Halloween on Game day but guess what.... we love all our fans cause they love those Oakland Raiders. However they may choose to show their affection as a Raider Nation we admire and continue to cheer next to.So with that said I would like to just end by speaking to everyone, all fans, the Raider Nation and Bleacher Report Staff.... That Raider fans live and die for this sport. Massive Coliseums are built and are filled with thousands and thousands of Fans who feel just as involved in the Game as the 22 on the Field. So don’t bash our ethics and loyalties to our team because your not getting anywhere with those articles. Respect our owner, Respect our Team,  Respect our Fans, Respect our Passion we all as Fans share for this sport.All Your negative articles on the Nation of Raiders are quite pathetic on your part, but thank you for showing interest in the Greatest Organization in the NFL and a team on the Rise to Greatness once again. Take care and God Bless-Andres Sanchez

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