Jason Dufner, Wife Amanda Embrace After 2013 PGA Championship Win

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistAugust 11, 2013

Well, it only took a win in a major tournament for Jason Dufner to finally show some emotion.

For much of the 2013 PGA Championship, Dufner was a stoic figure. No matter how well he was playing, he remained cool, calm and collected. Just look at his initial reaction after sinking his last putt on the 18th hole, via Bleacher Report.

You could have been fooled into thinking Dufner had somehow lost after watching him walk off the 18th green at Oak Hill, courtesy of the PGA Championship's Vine account.

But Dufner did allow himself to get a little more animated. He and his wife, Amanda, shared a very good hug at the conclusion of the tournament.

He even cracked a smile when he lifted the Wanamaker Trophy, via the PGA's Twitter account.

It's always enjoyable to watch the final celebrations of golf tournaments. There's something so unique and heartwarming about the initial embrace between a golfer and his family. You don't get that in any other sport.

This is the tap-in that won the title for the 36-year-old Cleveland native.

Dufner was fantastic all tournament long.

In the second round, he almost broke the record for lowest one-round score in a major tournament. He had to settle for a 63, which tied the record. Then, Dufner stepped up when necessary and avoided making any costly mistakes in the final round. There was nothing Jim Furyk could do to inch his way closer.

With Dufner's strong play on Sunday, the end of the tournament turned out to be rather anticlimactic. But that doesn't mean the win was any less sweet for Dufner and his wife.