A Few Minutes With Julian Edelman

Nate OwenCorrespondent IMay 12, 2009

LEXINGTON, KY - SEPTEMBER 08:  Julian Edelman #1 of the Kent State Golden Flashes looks to pass the ball during the game against the Kentucky Wildcats on September 8, 2007 at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Kentucky.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

In 2008, Julian Edelman broke Josh Cribb's season yardage mark with 3,190 total yards (1,820 passing, 1,370 rushing) for Kent State. The slasher was drafted by New England in the seventh round (232nd overall) and will rely upon his versatility to stick in the NFL.

You were successful in a wide range of areas in college, passing, rushing, and even returning kicks. What made you such a versatile player?

How were you able to handle all these duties without being burnt out?

Prior to the draft, had you gotten any hints as to where you might go or what position teams planned to use you at?

New England is known for having an affection for players like yourself who can do a lot of things, ala Troy Brown. Where you happy to go to a team that seems to appreciate your wide range of talents?

What position do you see yourself playing at in the NFL? Has the coaching staff given you any clue where you might play?

Have you had a chance to talk to Josh Cribbs about adjusting to the pro game?

The Wildcat has become a trend offense recently. Could you see yourself running that?

How valuable could you be to a team with your ability to run, catch, pass, return, and even cover kicks and punts on special teams?

How has practice been going so far? What's one of the biggest adjustments from college?