Title Matches and the 5 Questions That Need to Be Answered on Raw 8/12

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 12, 2013


The one thing I have preached for years, even before I started writing for Bleacher Report, is the need for the WWE to produce matches for every titleholder at all pay-per-view events. Most of the time, that remains a huge issue.

With SummerSlam a week away, the need to find viable opponents for both Curtis Axel and Dean Ambrose remains a great concern for me.

And the WWE is slow playing this like it is the World Series of Poker.

Let me state, for the record, I hate the idea of the mixed tag match between Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. Big E and AJ Lee. The Divas title should be defended at every opportunity. It looks like a cop-out to put all four of these wrestlers in the ring together.

There are currently six matches set for the event, but the tag titles, the Intercontinental and the United States titles have yet to be added. That is just poor planning on the part of the WWE creative team.

At least the NWA knew the importance of its titles and the need to have a solid base of opponents for each one. Does The Shield’s duo of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns challenge The Usos again? Could the Hounds of Justice finally drop the titles? Do The Usos or The Real Americans get the call?

Those are just some things running through my mind. Here are more questions which need to be answered Monday night.


Does Paul Heyman actually get in the ring against CM Punk?

Of course he does. But we all know he will not be alone. Brock Lesnar will be lurking somewhere in the building, and will Curtis Axel get involved as well?

The problem with this angle is it looks like Lesnar is just beating the daylights out of Punk, like it is too easy. While Punk sells like few others, can Lesnar sell for Punk? And in that case, will Heyman ultimately be in the ring come SummerSlam?


Will Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn become an item?

I hope not. The romantic storylines in the WWE need to be put on hold for a bit. The focus needs to be on revenge and revenge only. Ziggler will sell for Langston, who is getting over as a wrestler but needs a new wardrobe and a better mouthpiece to make it all happen for him.

As for AJ and Kaitlyn, we know what to expect when they are in the ring, and that should be awesome.


Kofi Kingston is back, and what does it mean?

Really nothing. Kingston is one of those wrestlers who we want to see move toward the main event but will forever be lost in the midcard. If Kingston turned heel or aligned himself with a stable, he would be so over by now.

Could he be a Zeb Colter guy? I think the Ghana angle would be pretty interesting if he ever turned heel.


What else is in store for Daniel Bryan?

I am like a lot of you who think there needs to be a heel turn by Bryan before SummerSlam. That looks like it will not happen. It would be even better if it were Cena who took the bullet and landed on the sword, but you can forget that one as well.

Bryan is losing a little momentum heading into SummerSlam mainly because the McMahon angle softens him a bit. When he was fighting everyone and winning prior to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, he was a demon who could accomplish everything.

This is one case where Vince McMahon’s television appearance is hurting the product.


How long will Fandango last?

It is a gimmick that has run its course. It is time to give up on Vince McMahon’s pet project.

While I think Johnny Curtis could be repackaged (again) and brought back as a face, the “Dancing King” has worn out his welcome. Having Summer Rae at his side helps, but he is nothing more than jobbing right now.

Boy, how we miss Chris Jericho right about now to help Curtis get over again.