Style of Play in the NBA

Danny DevineCorrespondent IApril 11, 2008

There are so many great things going on in the NBA this season.
First things first, the Western Conference playoff race. Everyone says how great all the teams are, and how competitive they are as well. One thing no one is talking about is the way the teams are playing how great they are doing it.
Let’s take the Suns, Warriors, and Nuggets.
They all play the run-and-gun style of offense. The easy way to explain it is that they try to outscore their opponents. They don’t mind giving up 110 points, because they will score 125. That style has work very well for the Suns, finishing with the top record in the west the last four seasons. Also, the Warriors knocking the number-one seeded Mavericks out of the playoffs last season.
Then you have the triangle offensive of the Lakers.
This style shows off the skills of the big men. It runs through the center and power forwards on the team. With the addition of All-Star Pau Gasol, and the emergence of young Andrew Bynum; the Lakers have the perfect fit to run the system to perfection. Also having the one of the greatest players ever in Kobe Bryant doesn’t hurt either.

Finally, is the half-court game of the Spurs. The Spurs play a smash-mouth hard-nose defense, and play a half-court style of offense. They don’t like to run with the other team, or play stylish basketball. They love to win ugly. Winning by 30 or just winning by one, it doesn’t matter. They make you play a slow-down style and make you run that the whole game. This has brought them a ton of success, by winning championship almost at a pace of every other year.
So when you hear everyone talk about how great and competitive the conference is, think of how they play and not just how great the teams are.