Hull City Tigers and 5 Premier League Owners Who Have Broken with Tradition

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Hull City Tigers and 5 Premier League Owners Who Have Broken with Tradition
image via Hull City

With Friday’s news that the owners  of Hull City Association Football Club (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t get attached to that name), Assem and Ehab Allam are going to change the club’s name to Hull City Tigers Ltd, as announced on (if you’re a betting man/woman, put your money on a change of domain name. )

Assem Allam told (the word “told” has been chosen in this sentence as it sounds very similar to “trolled”), according to Paul Baxter of The Hull Daily Mail:

Hull City is irrelevant. My dislike for the work "City" is because it is common. City is also associated with Leicester, Bristol, Manchester and many other clubs. In the commercial world, the shorter the name, the better. The more it can spread quickly. It is about identity. City is a lousy identity. Hull City Association Football Club is so long.

Under that logic, Bury and Clyde would have won the Champions League by now.

So after describing 109 years of history as a “lousy identity,” it’s fair to say Hull City fans (Omar Sharif and Sinitta alike) are pretty upset. Hull Blogger Rick Skelton says:

"Mr Allam's assertion that the name "Hull City" is irrelevant, that it's too common, is as disgusting a use of the English language as his new name for the club."

We can’t help but think if Hull City Tigers wanted to win the fans round, they could treat it like Mac OS X releases and change the name of the big cat they’re named after each season. This season, Hull City Tigers, next season Hull City Snow Leopards, and the season after, Hull City Ocelots.

Either way, the Hull faithful have their claws out for their owners, and it’s getting very catty. So when else have owners rubbed their fans the wrong way by disregarding tradition?

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