Ranking the 10 Best Fighters in the NHL

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Ranking the 10 Best Fighters in the NHL
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Some folks will tell you that fighting is dead in the NHL these days, but we dare you to tell these top 10 fighters that to their faces.

If you're tired of arguing with your buddy about whether Colton Orr is a better fighter than Zenon Konopka, we've taken all the guesswork out of the equation for you.

Here's the breakdown.

We considered nearly 40 fighters for this list, starting with the 20 players that had the most fighting majors in 2013. Then, we looked at who those top guys lost to that hadn't made that initial top 20 and added them in for good measure.

A fight-by-fight breakdown was undertaken, using data from the invaluable hockeyfights.com to analyze wins and losses. The members of that site can vote for whether each and every fight is a win, loss or draw for the players involved.

Using that data, we compiled win-loss-draw records for the 2012-13 season.

We then took those records and assigned two points for a win, zero points for a loss and .5 points for a draw.

After all that, we ranked the players based on their final rating.

For ties, we put the fighter with fewer losses ahead of the guy who ended up on the wrong end more often. For a secondary tiebreaker (and yes, there was one), we looked into whether or not the two combatants had fought each other in 2013.

Whoever won more of those fights was placed higher.

Guys who don't fight much, such as Zdeno Chara and Ryan Getzlaf, obviously ended up on the outside looking in due to their lack of bouts.

That's OK though, since this is a list of the best fighters in the NHL, and it's hard to make an argument for a player that only drops the gloves 10 times across a five-year span.


All fight statistics and data appear courtesy of Hockeyfights.com. All other statistics, such as weight and height, appear courtesy of Hockeydb.com.

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