7 Tennessee Titans in Serious Danger of Being Cut Soon

Daniel BarnesCorrespondent IIIAugust 9, 2013

7 Tennessee Titans in Serious Danger of Being Cut Soon

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    With the start of the preseason, it won't be long until the Titans have to start seriously thinking about slimming down the roster. With 87 currently signed to the team (not counting those on the physically unable to perform list), the Titans have to figure out which 34 players they cannot keep.

    Here are seven players who are in danger of becoming some of those names very soon.

Rusty Smith

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    Rusty Smith has been with the Titans for three years as a backup. However, he's never been able to rise up to the No. 2 spot and has remained more of a depth player than a backup.

    Now, with the Titans unable to waste a valuable roster spot on a No. 3 signal-caller, Smith is likely to go soon.

    Unfortunately for Smith, there's not too much he can do about it. He's a backup quarterback, and those aren't worth much if they aren't in the second spot.


Collin Mooney or Quinn Johnson

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    Speaking of positions that aren't very valuable, these two fullbacks may not be around long either.

    Despite Mooney being a likable Army guy and Johnson playing the position fairly well last season, the fullback is one of those positions that is beginning to phase out of the league.

    Plus, with Craig Stevens able to play that position and the role of blocking tight end, having a player who is only a fullback could be seen as superfluous, much less two.

    Either Johnson or Mooney is likely to be among the early cuts.

DeMarco Cosby

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    Speaking of tight ends, the Titans are trying to sort out that position. As I said, Stevens should be kept because he can play two positions.

    Delanie Walker clearly isn't going anywhere after his big signing, so he's safe. Taylor Thompson is a promising project, Jack Doyle looked good in training camp and practices, and Brandon Barden was on the team in 2012.

    That leaves DeMarco Cosby and Martell Webb. Webb has bounced around practice squads, but Cosby is a bit shorter, and he's likely to be the first cut of the tight ends.

    The Titans already have enough ends they'll be trying to keep, so in sorting that out, guys like Cosby get left on the outside.

Daniel Baldridge

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    The Titans are pretty much set at tackle. The only thing they need to sort out is whether they'll keep Mike Otto or Byron Stingily.

    Much like Cosby, Daniel Baldridge won't have a real shot in the competition. He played for the Jaguars for two seasons but only played in two actual games.

    Despite his outstanding size (6'8"), he doesn't really offer the Titans anything they don't already have.

    Besides, Stingily and Otto have been with the team for some time. Baldridge is a newcomer, so it'll be the guys who've been there the longest who will see the benefit of the doubt, not him.

Zach Clayton

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    The defensive end situation is a bit up in the air, with several players not just in competition for roster spots, but also for spots in the rotation. Defensive tackle, on the other hand, is pretty well sorted out.

    DaJohn Harris was a great undrafted free-agent signing in 2012 that hasn't proven much, but he's still probably safer than Zach Clayton.

    The seventh-round draft pick from 2011 made the roster in his rookie year but got taken down to the practice squad in 2012 to make way for Harris. If he doesn't do something to greatly impress the Titans staff, he's likely to be one of the first defensive linemen out.

George Baker

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    With all of the discussion about who's going to be where at cornerback, the name you don't hear in the conversation is George Baker.

    Coty Sensabaugh is sitting strong at nickel, and Alterraun Verner is competing with Tommie Campbell for the right corner slot. Blidi Wreh-Wilson is coming in as a third-round draft pick, and Khalid Wooten a lower draft pick (but a draft pick nonetheless), which means Baker is the one who's least safe.

    The undrafted free agent out of South Florida doesn't have the height that's become so popular among corners (he stands only 5'11"), and he lacks the kind of speed that Wooten boasts.

    The Titans are deep at corner, so they may start to whittle the position down to focus on getting the starters sorted out.

Maikon Bonani

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    No one needs two kickers. It's as simple as that.

    Rob Bironas is one of the better kickers in the league, and he was recently signed to a new two-year contract, so he's not going anywhere.

    Unless Bironas ends up on the injured reserve soon, Maikon Bonani doesn't have a place on the team, and because he's a player the staff is almost certain to cut sooner or later, they may as well take him out now.