Pens-Caps Series Wearing Me out

Wayne VienerContributor IMay 12, 2009

The kids love it.  Hockey parties every couple of nights.  No particular bedtime, just wait for the overtime to end. Horn blowing and cow bells in the house.  It is like half of a vacation.  Certainly the best soap opera in town.

To tell the truth, the Capitals are wearing me out.  The tense drama of each game, the unbelievable highs and lows are taking their toll.  The "must see TV" of the past two series is dominating my schedule. 

Not just my home schedule, but work as well. 

"Sorry, we can't meet on Wednesday.  Could be a game seven," I tell a business partner. 

I inform the sales staff that I can not participate on a customer call late in the day because, "I have to make sure I am home for the face-off."

Oh, by the way, that was a great game last night. 

I am sure that the TV ratings are up, everyone I know in the DC area is following the series to some degree or another.  Washington, DC is really "Rockin' the Red."

If you can't tell, I am an avid Caps fan, as is Zander (pictured above). Horn, Horn, Horn, Lets Go Caps!