The 20 Most Aggressive Liars in Sports

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The 20 Most Aggressive Liars in Sports
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There are few things more obnoxious than someone lying to your face and insisting they didn't do something you actually saw them do. Or even that you know they did, but didn't witness it first hand.

Remember the three-year-old boy whose lie went viral in February 2013? Little John was confronted by his mother about shotgunning the family sprinkles and he repeatedly denied any involvement in the great sprinkles caper.

He refused to back down, despite evidence of his obvious guilt being stuck all over his little lying face. His mother wisely stopped filming before the discussion took a serious turn and all the cards were laid on the table. Apparently nearly five million people thought it was cute—but what's cute at age three is less cute as a teenager. Eventually it becomes downright disturbing.

Most of us learn at a very young age that lying is bad and telling the truth is good. It's a black and white issue for kids because that's how they learn right from wrong, good from bad.

Later in life shades of gray become apparent, like when you have to lie to spare your professor the hurt of knowing you simply couldn't be in class because getting wasted the night before was more important. Or something less terrible.

Point being, by the time people reach adulthood the days of being a pathological liar should be well behind them. A white lie every now and again is no big deal, but making it a lifestyle is unacceptable. In sports there is nothing worse than a liar or a cheat. Except maybe lying about being a cheater.

Here are some of the most aggressive liars in sports.

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