WrestleMania 30: John Cena vs. CM Punk Is the Rightful Main Event Match

Jamie WestAnalyst IIIAugust 8, 2013

photo from whatculture.com
photo from whatculture.com

On 364 nights of the year, the term "main event" most often refers to the final match on a card, be it a normal televised broadcast or a pay-per-view event.

However, once a year at WrestleMania, the WWE likes to promote three or four matches as main events of the evening. Take this past April's show, for instance: "The Grandest Stage of Them All" hosted Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H, The Undertaker vs. CM Punk and John Cena vs. The Rock, and each match was marketed as co-main events of the show.

There is one central issue with this, however. Every wrestling fan on the planet knew that truly, there was one main event, and that was Redemption vs. Greatness: Cena and The Rock for the WWE Championship.

Punk's goal was to have the final match—the true main event on a WrestleMania card is well-known among fans of professional wrestling. And by facing Cena at WrestleMania 30, with the WWE Championship on the line, Punk could realize this dream.

There is arguably nothing wrong with part-time performers, such as The Rock, showing up at the biggest event of the year. But having them the focal point of WrestleMania means the most over full-time Superstars are underutilized.

WrestleMania 30, the anniversary spectacular taking place April 6, 2014, should not focus solely on the past or, for that matter, the future. 

The main event, or last match, of WrestleMania 30 should, by definition, follow a simple precept: the two most over full-time WWE superstars of this generationnot generations past or up-and-comingshould compete for the most prestigious prize in sports entertainment: the WWE Championship.

Whether or not Punk once again turns heel for such a match is irrelevant. Whether it's face against face, face against heel or heel against heel, Punk vs. Cena is the rightful main event for WrestleMania 30. 

Of course, the influx of part-time performers will need to be accommodated, and an obvious suggestion would be to have Lesnar face The Undertaker, with Paul Heyman involved for the second year in a row in the attempted destruction of 'Taker's streak.

The third main event could be the McMahon rivalry, perhaps with Triple H turning heel and The Rock returning to represent McMahon, the company he loves and, of course, the people. 

It would be a nice change to have "The Great One" lower down the card, as he has featured in the final match of the last three WrestleManias, not to mention the fact that, despite his undisputed ability to draw, he seemingly no longer possesses the skills required to pull off a match close to a rating of five stars.

Ultimately, Cena and Punk bring out the best in each other. From their five-star classic at Money In The Bank 2011 to their most recent match on the Feb. 25 episode of Raw, the company's top two full-time stars have the ability to sell tickets and never seem to disappoint when positioned in opposite corners.

The best thing the company can do if they follow this route is to keep them apart until the build to WrestleMania. It could be argued that it would be best having Cena enter the event as champion, with Punk as the anti-hero challenger.

It should be noted at this point that Cena is the only person to win a WWE Championship at WrestleMania since Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle in 2003, which is a factor that could play an interesting part in the storyline and booking.

Daniel Bryan may have a lot of momentum right now, but in my opinion Punk and Cena will still have the largest pull come April. A clash between the two titans of the current era in the final match of what is bound to be a supercard would be nothing short of epic.