Tom Brady: Just How Good Is He?

Angelo CerilliCorrespondent IApril 9, 2017

After watching Matt Cassel play and lead the team to an 11-5 record, including a playoff birth, it has made me wonder: how good is Tom Brady

Is he as good as the media and fans portray him to be, or was he just blessed with a franchise that most people believe he turned into a "dynasty?"

Tom Brady has done some impressive things in his career. He has sent the Patriots to the Super Bowl numerous times and even upset the then-favorite St. Louis Rams.

However, his most recent appearance in the Super Bowl has made me begin to question whether or not he is as good as most think.

The Giants had one of the best defensive lines in the NFL the year they won the Super Bowl. They even struggled to get to the great Tom Brady.

Part of this was Brady's doing in his ability to break the pocket and extend the play that much longer. I credit him for that talent.

However, there were a lot of plays in which I was screaming "Sack him!" for what seemed to be a minute, but, in reality, it was only six to 15 seconds.

You heard me right: 15 seconds. How many QBs do you know have that much time to make a throw?

Some plays, the Patriots' offensive line seems to out play and bully their opponents' defensive line. The only way you are getting to Tom Brady is if one of them feels sorry for you and lets you get by them.

Brady also has, arguably, one of the best receiving corps in the NFL, with WR's like Randy Moss, Daunte Stallworth (gone now but was part of the teams success), Wes Welker, and new guy Joey Galloway.

It is no wonder why Brady has been as good as he has. The man has so much talent at WR behind him.

Now these guys were not here for his previous appearances, but he still had a good line with a decent WR corps behind him. Not to mention, the TE's that have always been there.

Can Tom Brady be Tom Brady if he was sent to a lesser team like the Jets, Bengals, or Browns?

What does that say about players who have had success on teams that were not exactly stacked?

That is for you to judge, but right now I am not totally convinced that, even with all his achievements and awards Brady has received over his successful career, he is exactly as good as people portray him.

But, then again, how can you be as good? Can anyone really be as good as Tom Brady is portrayed?

With him, experts and fans expect 14 wins by the Patriots on an off year! That is how high people have set the Tom Brady standard and, without him, that team is a 10 to 12 win team, how is that bad?

Teams like the Bills, Browns, Bengals, Jets, and Lions would kill to have a 10-12 win season. The Patriots are an automatic playoff team without Tom Brady, so how do you judge him? By Super Bowl wins? That is not exactly fair—any team can have one good game and pull off an upset.

Although Tom Brady is a very good player, I do believe that he is over hyped. I guess no one can tell if that statement is right or wrong until you remove him from that environment and see what he actually can do on a lesser team.

For me, Tom Brady still remains a huge question mark.