Athletics World Championships 2013: IAAF Schedule, Event Dates and Participants

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 10, 2013

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 26:  Usain Bolt of Jamaica celebrates after crossing the line first in the Men's 100m A race on day one during the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games - IAAF Diamond League 2013 at The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on July 26, 2013 in London, England.  (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

The next Summer Olympics won't be contested until 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but Olympics nuts will be able to get their fill over the next week as the 14th IAAF World Championships in Athletics will be held in Moscow, Russia.

This track and field spectacle will be made up of all the events that are seen every four years at the Olympics, so it should be intriguing to see how the world's top track and field athletes have progressed since last summer in London.

Perhaps the prestige of winning a world championship doesn't quite measure up to an Olympic gold medal, but it's a huge accomplishment nonetheless.

Here is everything you need to know about the 2013 World Championships in Athletics, including when and where to watch it, a full schedule of events and analysis of which athletes you should be keeping an eye on.


Where: Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia

When: Saturday, Aug. 10 through Sunday, Aug. 18

Watch: NBC and Universal Sports Network

Live Stream:


Event Schedule

Day 1


EventRoundTime (ET)
Women's DiscusQualification Group A1:30 a.m.
Men's 100-Meter DashDecathlon1:35 a.m.
Men's 100-Meter DashPreliminary Round2:10 a.m.
Men's Pole VaultQualification2:15 a.m.
Men's Long JumpDecathlon2:35 a.m.
Women's DiscusQualification Group B2:50 a.m.
Men's 800-Meter RunHeats3:20 a.m.
Men's Shot PutDecathlon4:20 a.m.
Women's MarathonFinal6 a.m.
Men's High JumpDecathlon7:30 a.m.
Men's Hammer ThrowQualification Group A9:05 a.m.
Women's 3,000-Meter SteeplechaseHeats9:20 a.m.
Women's 400-Meter RunHeats10:05 a.m.
Men's Hammer ThrowQualification Group B10:35 a.m.
Men's 10,000-Meter RunFinal10:55 a.m.
Women's Long JumpQualification11:20 a.m.
Men's 400-Meter RunDecathlon11:40 a.m.
Men's 100-Meter DashHeats12:15 p.m.


Day 2


EventRoundTime (ET)
Men's 110-Meter HurdlesDecathlon1:05 a.m.
Men's 110-Meter HurdlesHeats1:40 a.m.
Men's DiscusDecathlon Group A2 a.m.
Women's 1,500-Meter RunHeats2:25 a.m.
Women's Shot PutQualification2:45 a.m.
Men's 400-Meter RunHeats3:05 a.m.
Men's DiscusDecathlon Group B3:20 a.m.
Women's 100-Meter DashHeats3:55 a.m.
Men's Pole VaultDecathlon5:05 a.m.
Men's 20-Kilometer Race WalkFinal9 a.m.
Men's JavelinDecathlon Group A9:15 a.m.
Men's JavelinDecathlon Group B10:30 a.m.
Women's Long JumpFinal11 a.m.
Men's 100-Meter DashSemifinal11:05 a.m.
Women's Pole VaultQualification11:10 a.m.
Men's 800-Meter RunSemifinal11:35 a.m.
Women's 400-Meter RunSemifinal12:05 p.m.
Women's DiscusFinal12:15 p.m.
Men's 1,500-Meter RunDecathlon12:35 p.m.
Women's 10,000-Meter RunFinal1:05 p.m.
Men's 100-Meter DashFinal1:50 p.m.


Day 3


EventRoundTime (ET)
Women's 100-Meter HurdlesHeptathlon1:30 a.m.
Men's DiscusQualification Group A1:40 a.m.
Men's 3,000-Meter SteeplechaseHeats2:10 a.m.
Women's High JumpHeptathlon2:35 a.m.
Men's DiscusQualification Group B3:05 a.m.
Men's 400-Meter HurdlesHeats3:05 a.m.
Women's 400-Meter HurdlesHeats3:50 a.m.
Women's Shot PutHeptathlon10:45 a.m.
Men's Pole VaultFinal11 a.m.
Men's 110-Meter HurdlesSemifinal11:05 a.m.
Women's 100-Meter DashSemifinal11:35 a.m.
Men's 400-Meter RunSemifinal12:05 p.m.
Women's Shot PutFinal12:25 p.m.
Men's Hammer ThrowFinal12:30 p.m.
Women's 200-Meter DashHeptathlon12:35 p.m.
Women's 400-Meter RunFinal1:15 p.m.
Men's 110-Meter HurdlesFinal1:30 p.m.
Women's 100-Meter DashFinal1:50 p.m.


Day 4


EventRoundTime (ET)
Women's Long JumpHeptathlon1:30 a.m.
Women's 20-Kilometer Race WalkFinal1:35 a.m.
Men's High JumpQualification1:50 a.m.
Men's 5,000-Meter RunHeats2:20 a.m.
Women's JavelinHeptathlon Group A3:10 a.m.
Women's Triple JumpQualification3:25 a.m.
Women's JavelinHeptathlon Group B4:25 a.m.
Men's DiscusFinal11 a.m.
Women's 400-Meter HurdlesSemifinal11:05 a.m.
Women's Pole VaultFinal11:35 a.m.
Men's 400-Meter HurdlesSemifinal11:40 a.m.
Women's 800-Meter RunHeptathlon12:10 p.m.
Women's 1,500-Meter RunSemifinal12:40 p.m.
Men's 800-Meter RunFinal1:10 p.m.
Women's 3,000-Meter SteeplechaseFinal1:25 p.m.
Men's 400-Meter RunFinal1:50 p.m.


Day 5


EventRoundTime (ET)
Men's 50-Kilometer Race WalkFinal12:30 a.m.
Women's Hammer ThrowQualification Group A1:30 a.m.
Women's 5,000-Meter RunHeats1:40 a.m.
Men's Long JumpQualification2:25 a.m.
Men's 1,500-Meter RunHeats2:35 a.m.
Women's Hammer ThrowQualification Group B3:10 a.m.


Day 6


EventRoundTime (ET)
Men's JavelinQualification Group A1:30 a.m.
Women's High JumpQualification1:40 a.m.
Women's 800-Meter RunHeats1:55 a.m.
Men's Shot PutQualification2:20 a.m.
Women's 200-Meter DashHeats2:55 a.m.
Men's JavelinQualification Group B3 a.m.
Men's High JumpFinal11 a.m.
Men's 4x400-Meter RelayHeats11:05 a.m.
Women's Triple JumpFinal11:40 a.m.
Women's 200-Meter DashSemifinal11:45 a.m.
Men's 3,000-Meter SteeplechaseFinal12:20 p.m.
Women's 400-Meter HurdlesFinal12:45 p.m.
Men's 400-Meter HurdlesFinal1 p.m.
Women's 1,500-Meter RunFinal1:20 p.m.


Day 7


EventRoundTime (ET)
Women's JavelinQualification Group A1:30 a.m.
Women's 100-Meter HurdlesHeats1:45 a.m.
Men's Triple JumpQualification2 a.m.
Men's 200-Meter DashHeats2:35 a.m.
Women's JavelinQualification Group B2:55 a.m.
Women's 4x400-Meter RelayHeats3:30 a.m.
Women's Hammer ThrowFinal11 a.m.
Men's 1,500-Meter RunSemifinal11:05 a.m.
Men's Long JumpFinal11:30 a.m.
Men's 200-Meter DashSemifinal11:40 a.m.
Men's Shot PutFinal12:10 p.m.
Women's 800-Meter RunSemifinal12:15 p.m.
Men's 5,000-Meter RunFinal12:45 p.m.
Women's 200-Meter DashFinal1:15 p.m.
Men's 4x400-Meter RelayFinal1:30 p.m.


Day 8


EventRoundTime (ET)
Men's MarathonFinal7:30 a.m.
Women's High JumpFinal10 a.m.
Women's 100-Meter HurdlesSemifinal10:20 a.m.
Men's JavelinFinal10:35 a.m.
Women's 5,000-Meter RunFinal10:55 a.m.
Women's 4x400-Meter RelayFinal11:30 a.m.
Women's 100-Meter HurdlesFinal11:50 a.m.
Men's 200-Meter DashFinal12:10 p.m.


Day 9


EventRoundTime (ET)
Women's JavelinFinal8 a.m.
Women's 4x100-Meter RelayHeats8:15 a.m.
Men's Triple JumpFinal8:45 a.m.
Men's 4x100-Meter RelayHeats8:50 a.m.
Men's 1,500-Meter RunFinal9:25 a.m.
Women's 800-Meter RunFinal9:50 a.m.
Women's 4x100-Meter RelayFinal10:10 a.m.
Men's 4x100-Meter RelayFinal10:40 a.m.


Athletes to Watch

Usain Bolt

Few track-and-field athletes have captivated fans across the world like Jamaican star Usain Bolt in recent years. Bolt was a triple gold medalist at both the Beijing and London Olympics, and he is widely regarded as the fastest man on Earth.

While that may be true, Bolt has revenge on his mind heading into Moscow. Bolt won gold in the 200-meter dash and the 4x100-meter relay in 2011's World Championships, but he failed to medal in his specialty, the 100-meter dash, as he was disqualified due to a false start. According to BBC Sport, Bolt intends to prove that his slip-up two years ago was a fluke:

Bolt truly seemed to erase all doubt surrounding him at the Olympics last year, so there is no question that he will be the overwhelming favorite to win gold in each of his three events. If is unable to do so for whatever reason, it will surely make headlines across the globe.


Allyson Felix

Few American athletes had more success than Allyson Felix at the 2012 Summer Olympics as she came away with gold medals in the 200-meter dash as well as the 4x100-meter and 4x400-meter relays. The 200-meter dash has always been considered Felix's specialty, but she finished second in the Athens and Beijing Olympics, so finally coming out on top in London was huge for her.

Rather than focusing on a number of different races, Felix will only be competing in the 200-meter dash in Moscow. Felix already has three 200-meter gold medals to her credit in the World Championships, and a fourth would put her in elite company. Felix is already in Moscow, and she certainly seems ready to dominate the race as she finished a disappointing third in 2011.

Felix made some big strides from the 2011 World Championships to the 2012 Olympics, and it would be a pretty big surprise if she failed to come away with gold in Moscow.


Ashton Eaton

Ashton Eaton is arguably the greatest athlete in the world as he excelled across 10 disciplines last year at the London Olympics in winning the gold medal in decathlon. Eaton turned in a dominant performance, outlasting American teammate Trey Hardee to win his first career gold medal in decathlon across major international competitions.

Not surprisingly, Eaton is the odds-on favorite to turn the trick again in Moscow. Like Bolt and Felix, though, Eaton is on the hunt for redemption as he came away with only a silver medal in Daegu, South Korea two years ago. Eaton was edged out by Hardee in that event, so there should be a spirited competition between them once again this year.

Eaton is far from a lock to win, but he has emerged as the best decathlete in the world over the past couple years. A World Championships gold medal is the one thing missing from his trophy case, so he'll do everything in his power to get one this year.


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