Sheamus: How Should the WWE Repackage Him Upon His Return from Surgery?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 8, 2013

While it is unfortunate that Sheamus is going under the knife to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder, this could be the blessing in disguise the WWE has been looking for.

No, I am not dancing on a wounded athlete, but I am making a point about how the WWE has too many main event (or so called main event) stars and has catapulted them to the highest stratosphere in the WWE, not leaving any room for error and no room to back step.

Ryback is the prime example.

When Sheamus burst on the scene, he beat the hell out of everyone in sight and was the right heel at the right time for the WWE. When he made his face turn (out of necessity) he became a huge fan favorite and a star in the company, capturing another world title again and arguably becoming the second- or third-most-popular face at the time (CM Punk has something to do with that).

Now, the WWE uses Sheamus as a big, jovial, fun-loving and powerful Irishman, but he had become too cartoon-ish, did not have a real stand in the company, unless you count fighting the Shield night after night or a short run with Damien Sandow.

His character may have been great for the younger fans of the WWE, but as an adult, you see him as a brawler, a fighter and a man who should be more dominant.

Take into consideration that Kofi Kingston just returned, Wade Barrett has no purpose and Dolph Zigler is not in the world title picture and you get my point. Too many contenders, not enough midcard players.

So what do you do with Sheamus? Six months is a long time to think about it, but the WWE had better be proactive and not reactive. The Great White is in line for a major change, hopefully with a little more edge to him.

The best and worst thing the WWE did to Kane was put him in Team Hell No. While he and Daniel Bryan were entertaining, comedic and fun to watch, Kane is a monster who should always retain that persona. The one that fought John Cena at the beginning of 2012. The WWE's PG Era took that away from him and did the same thing with Sheamus in my opinion.

Size, power, agility and an ability to beat the hell out of bigger men (Big Show, Mark Henry, Ryback). The WWE cannot afford to ruin this guy who can have a run as a major heel in this company again. Or, he could be repackaged as a tag team wrestler, perhaps alongside Wade Barrett or Drew McIntyre with William Regal as manager, face or heel.

And here is a thought. Six months from now, what happens to Ryback? Will he still be the “Bully to the Champions?” Will he still be floundering, looking for his way in the company because he was pushed too hard too soon. A pairing of these two guys could be earth shattering.

Just because he is injured, the WWE must not forget to continue to make him a star. They cannot allow someone to take his spot and not have a backup plan. They cannot let him fall apart like The Miz.

There is still a lot that can be done with Sheamus. The WWE now has time to figure it all out.