WWE SummerSlam 2013: Title Reigns That Must End at PPV

Bill PivetzCorrespondent IIIAugust 8, 2013

How much longer can The Shield hold onto their titles? Photo by: WWE
How much longer can The Shield hold onto their titles? Photo by: WWE

The current WWE champions have all won their titles in 2013. John Cena is the longest reigning champion at 121 days, winning it at WrestleMania XXIX.

Four of the championships have first-time owners—Curtis Axel, The Shield and AJ Leewhich freshens up each title picture.

However, not all of the champions have had spectacular runs up to this point. The Shield was one of the hottest acts when they won the titles, but they currently don’t have a match for SummerSlam.

Alberto Del Rio changed up his character with a heel turn at Payback, yet he’s in the midst of another lackluster title run. Many people forget that the newest Paul Heyman guy, Curtis Axel, is the intercontinental champion.

SummerSlam is vastly approaching, and it would be a great time to give some Superstars big pay-per-view wins, along with title runs. Whose title reigns should end at the biggest party of the summer?


The Shield’s Reign as United States and Tag Team Champions

All three members of The Shield won their titles at Extreme Rules. Dean Ambrose defeated Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship, while Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns beat Team Hell No for the tag titles.

Since winning the titles, Ambrose hasn’t changed the importance of the United States title. He doesn’t have any credible challengers either. Rollins and Reigns have defeated every tag team in their way. There are no other babyface tag teams to challenge for the titles right now.

The Shield’s position has been the same regardless of championships. They have challenged tag teams and single stars week in and week out. Dropping the titles will not only help whoever defeats them, but it will also allow fans to see a different side of The Shield, as they will be desperate to win back their titles.


Curtis Axel’s Imperfect run as Intercontinental Champion

Axel debuted on May 20 as the newest Paul Heyman guy. He took Fandango’s spot in the Triple Threat Match at Payback also featuring Wade Barrett and The Miz. He would win the intercontinental championship and successfully defend it against The Miz at Money in the Bank.

Currently, Axel is without his own feud and is a secondary piece to the CM Punk and Brock Lesnar feud.

Axel’s first title reign has been very underwhelming to say the least. Granted, the title isn’t as important as it was 10 years ago. However, Axel’s character is still under development and was hotshot into this position.

Dropping the title will allow Axel to perfect (no pun intended) his character, and when he wins it back, it’ll mean that much more the second time around.


As of right now, none of these titles are scheduled to be defended at SummerSlam. However, with a little over a week left, WWE could definitely put together a couple of matches to get these titles on the show.

Which title reigns do you think should end at SummerSlam? Will any titles change hands on August 18?