5 Websites Every Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Should Have Bookmarked

Steve Rodenbaugh@rodeyslContributor IIIAugust 9, 2013

5 Websites Every Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Should Have Bookmarked

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    With a month to go before the start of training camp for the 2013-2014 season, a lot of Pittsburgh Penguins fans are suffering from various stages of hockey-withdrawal syndrome.

    Having weathered a compressed NHL schedule and a seemingly endless string of breaking news stories involving the Pens, it is getting harder and harder for fans to get their fix.

    While the NHL's summer schedule offers little relief, there is comfort available for Pens fans looking to speculate, criticize or just stay informed.

    With that in mind, let's look at five websites every Penguins fans should have bookmarked in order to get through the long, hot summer.


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    While much has been made of the questionable and sometimes ridiculous rumor-milling that is posted by the enigmatic Eklund, the site administrator, hockeybuzz.com is an entertaining and an occasionally-informative source of info for die-hard fans

    With a vast network of hometown bloggers, hockeybuzz.com provides info for Pens fans interested in the latest happenings around the Consol Energy Center.

    While I would advise against paying too much attention to the rumors that are posted, especially around the start of free agency and the trade deadline, it is worth an occasional visit.


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    With the reduced salary cap imposed by the NHL's new collective-bargaining agreement, one of the top stories this summer will be how the Penguins—and other teams—will manage their cap space.

    One of the best sites to stay updated on the business aspect of the NHL is capgeek.com, which provides financial breakdowns of every NHL team.

    Designed as a one-stop shop website for salary-cap number crunchers, capgeek.com is updated daily and always reflects the latest roster moves.


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    For fans who like to read up on all of Pittsburgh's sports teams, insidepittsburghsports.com is a great site to visit. 

    Run by William Depaoli with contributions from local Pittsburgh sports writers such as Dale Grdnic, insidepittsburghsports.com is a pay site that might be worth the investment for diehard Pittsburgh sports fans.

    In addition to instant updates, the site also posts on twitter for fans who can't spare the time to open up their internet browser to get the latest Pens news.


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    For Penguins fans wanting to read exclusively about the home team, faceoff-factor.com is a great site for both reading and ranting.

    Run by a large staff of well-versed writers, the Faceoff-Factor is probably the complete single source for Pens info and discussion.

    While the coverage understandably reflects a home team bias, the online discussions make this site a good place to visit.


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    As hockey websites go, few are as all-inclusive as thefourthperiod.com

    Combining rumors, news articles, and team-specific insider info, this website is part news site and part gossip column and presents hockey from every angle.

    In the event that Pens fans don't find anything of interest, especially during the summer, they can always click the link for the Ice Girls and wait for the start of training camp.