MLB: I Cast A Hex On You And Your Stadium

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst IApril 11, 2008

"After hearing about the burying of a Red Sox t-shirt, now America can say that the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry is the best in sports"

The post received today from an unidentified source that a desperate Red Sox fan ironically working in the daddy of all stadiums buried a T-shirt under the locker room of the 1.3 billion dollar structure, causing heads to spin and past Yankee fans to turn in their grave.

How is this possible? It was said that two Yankee fans saw the scoundrel and let him do it! This is the part of the story I find more fascinating then the actually act.
Yes, the Red Sox franchise has been more successful then us for the past several years, so why bury a T-shirt? Desperate acts to sink the most fascinating baseball franchise in the history of the sport or just spoils of an awesome rivalry?

Fanatic No. 1:  “Jackhammer that mother up!”

Fanatic No. 2:  “Leave it! So the players can step on it every time the walk onto the field.”

Which one would you choose?

Furiously wack the floor with everything from a sledge hammer to a toothbrush to liberate this so called hex or leave it?

The most commented story next to the Masters (Tiger bombing) and topping the Kobe and CP3 showdown tonight maybe a jinx or a hex but the effect and mind-set of the players must not alter bringing back the championship aroma that once floated threw streets of New York.