Most Intimidating College Football Players Today

Randy ChambersAnalyst IAugust 9, 2013

Most Intimidating College Football Players Today

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    In a way, most college football players in general are intimidating. Many are bigger than the average human, they have insane workout schedules, eat more than what a doctor would suggest and can be downright imposing.

    The physical appearance of these athletes is enough to make a typical person ball up in a cocoon and not come out until the coast is clear.

    Whether they are a 350-pound defensive lineman or a celebrity quarterback, there are an abundance of intimating players in today's game.

Antonio Richardson, OL, Tennessee

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    Antonio Richardson goes by the nickname "Tiny."

    While everybody would have their own definition of small, it's almost certain 6'6" and 327 pounds wouldn't fall under it. Just the name itself can throw everybody for a loop and create fear in his opponents.

    Who are you matched up with this week? Oh, some guy who prefers to be called Tiny. Well, that shouldn't be too difficult. Yeah, right. I'm assuming he's like a Teddy Bear and the type of guy who will pick you up after flatting you like a pancake.

    Actually, Richardson admitted to having different personalities to Patrick Brown of the Chattanooga News.

    “When people ask, ‘Antonio, are you mean?’ I kind of take it offensively,” Richardson said, his tone going from relaxed to serious. 'This is what I do. This is what I love.'

    “I can turn it off. When I’m with you guys, I’m a gentleman. But when I’m out there on the field, it’s time to play.”

    Seeing his gentleman side is much safer.


Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame

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    Louis Nix had as much of an impact on Notre Dame's success last season as anybody else.

    The 6'3", 326-pound defensive tackle clogs running lanes like nobody's business. But he also carries his weight well and can chase down running backs who feel like they have an advantage on the big man.

    Nix eats double-teams for breakfast along with a ton of other items on the menu. He's also capable of playing quarterback if Tommy Rees ever needed any help, as he demonstrated during the Notre Dame spring game.

    A quarterback his size is downright terrifying. There isn't a defender in the country who could bring all that weight down by himself. Whether he's playing quarterback or defensive lineman this season, Nix is one of the most intimidating players in college football.

De'Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon

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    What would you do if you witnessed a black mamba up close?

    Besides roll into a fetal position and play dead, you'd probably do anything and everything in hopes of getting out of that situation. Just imagine how defensive players feel every time Oregon is in town.

    De'Anthony Thomas goes by the nickname Black Mamba, and he is just as deadly as the actual snake. It's been said that the reptile can slither faster than a human can run, which is a perfect explanation of why Thomas has that name. 

    In this video by Molly Blue of The Oregonian, Thomas talks about the upcoming season and his new reptile pet.

    A defender has no chance when Thomas has the ball in the open field. His speed, acceleration and agility is something that comes around practically never. He makes players miss with a simple step and turns on the afterburners to finish the play in the end zone.

    Whether it's the snake or the football player with the catchy nickname, the results are the same.

Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

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    Oh, your lineman can bench press a couple-hundred pounds? That's cute. Michigan's Taylor Lewan lifts his teammates as a warm up, as you can see in the picture.

    Lewan is one of the best offensive tackles in the country and would have likely been a first-round pick had he left for last year's NFL draft. Unfortunately for college football players, they'll spend another season having to deal with the intimidating force.

    As if he wasn't already good enough, Lewan has been eating right during the offseason to improve his stamina. Even then, he could still eat more than your immediate family, per Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press.

    I eat 12 eggs a day, 12 tablespoons of olive oil a day, six cans of tuna; I only eat carbs right after my workout or not at all, Lewan said Wednesday at the Big Ten media days at the Hilton Chicago. I’m way more energetic. I can run for a lot longer. I can lift a lot more weight. I’m way stronger than I was during the season.

    At Buffalo Wild Wings, he’ll order a salad and five chicken breasts, explaining to the server that it’s not a prank.

    Lostlettermen did the math and estimated that Lewan's diet consists of 5,024 calories, 336 grams of fat and 456 grams of protein a day.

    It's safe to say he's not human.


Will Sutton, DT, Arizona State

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    The biggest knock on Will Sutton is his size. Along with his short arms, many believe he isn't big enough to play defensive tackle in the NFL at 6'1", 288 pounds. While that may be true, it hasn't stopped him from being a force in college and instilling fear in opposing offensive linemen.

    Sutton is still a big guy for the college level, but he does a great job of carrying that weight well. Last season, he racked up 63 tackles, 23.5 tackles for loss, 12 sacks and forced three fumbles. His explosion off the line and active hands make him tough to block.

    He's simply a scary lineman, who just got a whole lot scarier by improving his weight to 305 pounds, according to Greg Biggins of Fox Sports.

    Watch out!

Shayne Skov, LB, Stanford

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    Stanford linebacker Shayne Skov is the type of guy you want to keep by your side in case a bar fight breaks out. If you're trapped in a dark alley or Kanye West wants to approach you because you snapped a picture with your camera phone: Don't worry, Skov has got your back.

    The senior defender has been the leader on the Stanford defense for quite some time. He's also been the most intimidating player in the Pac-12. Not only does he wear his eye black like he's actually going to war, but he plays every down like it's his last and has no problem getting in the face of opposing players.

    He has that bad boy attitude like Lawrence Taylor or Brian Bosworth had back in the day. Every defense needs a guy like this, but Skov happens to take the level of intensity to a completely different level.

Marqise Lee, WR, USC

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    Imagine you are a cornerback who is asked to play man coverage. The receiver across from you is USC's Marqise Lee, easily the best receiver in college football.

    Do you fake an injury? Ask for help from one of your teammates? Get into that same fetal position that comes natural when facing De'Anthony Thomas?

    Ironically enough, Lee is about the same size as your coverage cornerback at 6'0", 195 pounds. The problem that many have is that he has incredible leaping ability, is faster than most defenders and catches absolutely everything thrown his way. He has yet to find a defense that can slow him down, and that is sure to mess with a corner's psyche.

    When there is no right answer for how to defend somebody, it's quite intimidating.

Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee

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    Have you ever stood next to a giant? An NBA player who towered over you and had to duck just so he could get his face in the picture? Talk about awkward and feeling a little low to the ground.

    That has to be the same feeling everybody has when encountering Tennessee defensive tackle Daniel McCullers. He stands in at 6'8" and weighs 351 pounds, although his highlight video against Alabama may suggest that reported weight is being kind.

    A guy this size could feature in a new movie as a superhero. Forget computer animation, McCullers could probably actually pick up a school bus and toss it into a different state.

    Every tough guy turns into a school girl when McCullers walks into a room.

Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

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    Realistically, there is nothing about Johnny Manziel's appearance that makes him intimidating. He looks like one of the guys who is ready to party when he's not occupied with being awesome on the football field.

    The problem with Manziel is that his persona has taken on a life of its own. He isn't an ordinary college football player. He is the college football player who can't step outside to check the weather without a story being posted on the Internet. 

    Manziel opened the door this morning to check for rain!

    This celebrity lifestyle that has been created makes Manziel arguably the most intimidating college athlete of all-time. He's up there with LeBron James in popularity, he just doesn't play professionally and isn't able to blow his nose with 100 dollar bills (that we know of).

Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

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    We have a winner, folks!

    What can possibly be said about Jadeveon Clowney that hasn't been added already?

    While a picture can be worth a thousand words, this video leaves you with just one: Intimidating.