Johnny Manziel's Parents Selling Home, No Word on Whether Deer Heads Included

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 7, 2013

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Every last Manziel is busy at the moment. While star of Texas A&M is taken to task over an ongoing NCAA investigation, his parents have readied their College Station home for sale. reports the Manziels are selling the home they purchased in 2011 in Bryan, Texas. The couple apparently bought the 2,880-square-foot home in June of that year to be closer to their son who would later win the Heisman for the Aggies the following year. 

Unfortunately, there is no word on why the Manziels are parting with their home, but we will assume every last one of you are eager to read between the lines. 

As has been widely covered, the young man referred to as Johnny Football is at the center of an autograph controversy that may see his amateur status rescinded.  

According to, the house was originally listed back in May for $405,000, so you can extinguish the debate whether the listing is a response to news that broke over the week.  

While we may not have closure on exactly why the house is being sold, we can take a gander at what life is like at Casa de Manziel with some of the many images posted over on, including some deer heads you may be able to negotiate into the closing deal. 

All of that and the opportunity to tell friends you live in Johnny Manziel's parent's house can be yours for the reduced price of $379,000.

That's right, the couple want to be out of the house quickly, because they recently reduced the price a cool $26,000, giving you realty-savvy people a deal even The Property Brothers would love. 

The home is just 15 minutes away from Texas A&M and features four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths. 

As for the star quarterback, the latest report states ESPN witnessed two cellphone videos that showed Manziel signing helmets and footballs, but never witnessed any compensation exchanging hands. 

According to the report, ESPN states a broker now claims to have given the athlete in upwards of $7,500 for his autograph on paraphernalia. 

All of this pertains to the ongoing investigation by the NCAA as to whether Manziel is guilty of "accepting money for promoting or advertising the commercial sale of a product or service," an offense that would lead to him being ruled ineligible as an amateur. 

You can now debate whether the parents are selling with the knowledge that the end is near, or just see a rather intriguing coincidence for what it is. 

Sadly, we may never know for sure. Oh to be a deer head on that wall in their house. 


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