Why Kane Will Ultimately Join the Wyatt Family

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistAugust 8, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

In recent weeks, the mysterious Wyatt Family has told both Kane and the WWE Universe to “follow the buzzards.”

Seemingly, Kane has done so, and it is looking as if he will be following them all the way to SummerSlam on August 18th to do battle with his newest enemy.

And let’s be a bit honest here. Since the splitting up of Team Hell No, “the Devil’s Favorite Demon” has struggled slightly to find his exact place on the WWE roster.

Since the debut of the Wyatt Family, however, it has become very clear that he was very much so on its radar, and now in turn, it is on his.

But in the end, would it make sense to have him enter the group as a member rather than as an enemy?

Kane is known for being a deranged and fierce monster. And while little is known about the leader of the Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt, he seems to have complete control over his associates Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, who both seem to be deranged and fierce.

Wyatt seems to be a calming or at least controlling influence on his cohorts until he can focus their aggression toward a goal, which in recent weeks has involved attacks on 3MB, R-Truth, Tons of Funk and even Kane. 

Could it be that the unit's attacks on the former World champion are just the beginning of the means to an end? Does the Wyatt Family covet the idea of having Kane being one of them?

It may seem silly or outlandish, but overall having Kane in the fold does two things immediately. First, it quickly legitimizes the Wyatt’s as a destructive force in the company, with the inclusion of one of the most decorated and entertaining superstars on the roster.

Second, it allows an aging Kane to take a step to the back burner for a little while, so that while he is still involved heavily in the goings on of the group, he will not be the main focus and will not have to carry the entire load of a storyline upon his broad shoulders.

And despite his being 46 years old, Kane still walks the aisle week in and week out, putting wrestlers half his age to shame by consistently competing at the highest level and still remaining relevant, even after his decades in the business.

Guys like The Undertaker and The Rock should take a page out of that book. Competing at a high level well into your forties would be a novel approach for both of those men. But neither seems to be able to or willing to do so.

In the end, it stands to reason that the three upstart competitors could simply run Kane out of the company (temporarily). With the news that he will be leaving to film the sequel to the 2006 film See No Evil, it would make sense to give him a legitimate reason for doing so. A brutal attack by the Wyatt Family could be just the thing to make that absence believable.

But in whatever direction the company ends up choosing to go in, Kane will benefit greatly from his association with the Wyatt Family, whether it be as a friend or a foe.