Tiger Woods Pulls Off Sick Fake on Autograph Hounds to Save the Day

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 7, 2013

Tiger Woods has some sick juke moves. 

The star golfer is coming off a brilliant win at the Bridgestone Invitational, and now his sights are set on the looming PGA Championship major. 

Before he tees off Thursday, Woods is going to hit some balls at the range and hone his craft in practice rounds. Oh, he is also going to fake some adults out of their shoes. 

CBS Sports' Kyle Porter spotted the posted video featuring the golfer heading over to sign some autographs Monday at the Oak Hill Country Club, only to pull away at the last second and walk on with a smile plastered across his face. 

Upon first glance, many might declare in their best Stephanie Tanner voice, "How rude!"

Well, it seems Woods was just being a thoughtful guy, because he had recently witnessed a little girl get nearly crushed from a similar circumstance. He explained during his press conference Tuesday:

Well, the fence almost came down. So they almost knocked the fence down. It gets dangerous. We had a little girl get crushed today, and she was just on the ground crying. People get so aggressive for autographs. And security is trying to be aggressive to protect the little kids up front. You try and sign, but sometimes the adults start running over the little kids up front, and especially on a fence like that, on a hard fence, it can get dangerous sometimes.

I still don't get the appeal of the celebrity autograph. Sure, there is a nice story about the time you spent two seconds with Woods or some other pro athlete, but there isn't much else after that. 

Yes, there is the monetary allure of having a prized signature, but not every adult pushing and shoving one another to get to this star athlete is going to put their treasure up for sale. 

Really, it's just further evidence that people are very adept at losing their minds. I'm not sure if Woods was referencing another moment when he spotted the little girl, or the one in the video.

What's clear is Woods did the right thing by walking away. Like some celestial object, the fans seemed to gravitate to him the closer he got. 

Adults, please try to remember that the kids always come first. Try to act your age, which includes not knocking over children to get some guy's signature. 


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