The Daily Box Score May 11: Washington Nats Vs. San Francisco Giants

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The Daily Box Score May 11: Washington Nats Vs. San Francisco Giants
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This game recap is based solely on the what the writer has seen in the final box score.

San Francisco Giants 11, Washington Nationals 7

It was a historic day at AT&T Park as Randy Johnson record his 298th win, and Ryan Zimmerman continued his hitting streak to 29 games.

These might not seem that important, but this is the first time in the long history of the game that a pitcher has reached such a high number of wins while giving up a hit to continue such a long hitting streak on the second Monday in an odd numbered month.

Both Johnson and Zimmerman, who had discussed the importance of the event during batting practice before the game, were happy to have their names written down in the history books.

"Some may call me a historian of the game, and not only because I have played for a large chunk of the history," said Johnson in a post-game interview.

"So I was happy to accomplish this feat along with Zimmy. One of my first teammates years back had done the same thing in an even numbered month, which makes this even more important to me because he was the one who originally gave me the idea of growing that mullet, and if it weren't for that mullet the world may have never known the Randy Johnson we all know and love now."

Zimmerman not only continued his hit streak, but also continued another streak with a two home run performance.

With the two homers—his total for the season went up to eight, which extends his streak of eight or more homers in every season since his first full one.

"Sure I was happy to get that whole odd number month historical thing with Randy, but the home run streak was the one I was really looking to get accomplished," said an ecstatic Zimmerman after the game.

"The past couple of years I have gotten stuck on seven, which has proven my theory that it really is not a lucky number. Now, that I got past the seven homer mark, I think I can finally continue my life not in fear of that number."

Yes, some baseball superstitions are ridiculous, but none more absurd than Johnson's counterpart's, Daniel Cabrera.

Ever since Cabrera has joined the National League after a long stint with the Orioles in the DH realm of the American League, Cabrera has set out to try and walk every opposing pitcher he faces.

"I have tried to talk him out of it, but he thinks it's a mutual respect type thing," said the despondent Nationals pitching coach.

"He really takes a lot of pride in his offensive game, so he has this superstition, or maybe it's better to call it a theory, that if he walks the other pitcher, he will see better pitches when he walks in the batter's box."

"Of course he is just really fooling himself, the kid hasn't got a hit all season, and struck out in both at bats tonight. If it was up to me, I would send him to the loony bin, but I'm not on the Nationals payroll, so I guess I don't really have much of a say," said the only Nationals fan in the nearly 30,000 attendees.

This man of course is not much of an oddity because, as he plans to go to all 162 Nats games this season, he claims that—for the most part—he is the only fan of his kind at every game he has gone to, even the home ones.

Game Notes: Travis Ishikawa's surprising 3-4 night was such as it only raised his batting average to just above the mendoza line at .219... Remember Aaron Rowand?

He still plays for the Giants, and proved it with a three run performance...

The wind was at a blistering 16 MPH, which proved to be more than Washington's LF Josh Willingham could handle as he recorded his first error of the season on a botched catch...

San Francisco Closer Brian Wilson recorded what must be one of the easiest saves of his career, pitching three pitches to get a strikeout to close out the game.

Wilson fantasy owners worldwide gave themselves a collective pat on the back after the event.

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