Milwaukee Brewers: In the News (May 12)

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MARYVALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 19: Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers poses during photo day at the Brewers spring training complex on February 19, 2009 in Maryvale, Arizona. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


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No Game Monday
Record: 18-14, 2nd Place

Brewers News

Ryan Braun is named NL Player of the Week. Believe it or not, it’s the first time he’s won this honor. Such a young career, but so many accolades already.

The Braun/Dempster incident is under review by MLB. I doubt anything will happen, but at least it’s being reviewed. I understand playing hardball, but you don’t go for the head…

—Speaking of Braun, is his cockiness getting out of hand? I must say, the tongue was a little too much, but you gotta love his confidence. He’s still not as bad as Zambrano, Soriano, Valverde, Fertility ManRam, Bonds…

Brew Crew Ball is wondering, like I was, if the Brewers should pinch hit for Jason Kendall.

According to this, the Brewers are neither really lucky or unlucky.

Would the Brewers be interested in Brad Penny? I hope not…

—While we’re at it, let’s give the pitching some love!

—I don’t know if Tyler is posting on anymore, but here’s a thread on trading Nelson for Hinske. First of all, Brad is a better clubhouse person, not that it means much. Secondly, if he ever turns it around, I don’t want to face him for years and years.

—I guess if you want a reason to get worked up, read some of the comments to this story that used to be titled “Don’t Expect MLB to Review the Braun/Dempster Incident.”

Ueck is going into the Braves Hall of Fame, too.

Miller Park Drunk loves Braun, but believes he needs to cool down and relax.

Al Rambles that there might be a shortstop platoon brewing…as well as Counsell has been hitting, I just don’t see it…

A writer for the Decider eats all the sausages so he can “eat for the cycle.” Kudos to you, because I couldn’t finish all that food (and because I’d poop my brains out for the next week).

Former Brewer Wes Helms wonders what he ever did to Milwaukee and hopes what he did against the Mets will help Milwaukee fans forgive him. Well, Wes…I no longer despise you now because you finally did something good and we didn’t have to overpay you…but in the words of Yule Brenner: “That doesn’t mean that I like you.”

Minor Leagues

Tony Gwynn led the Sounds to a 5-3 win against Omaha.

Daniel Meadows of the T-Rats won Player of the Week!

McCalvy catches up with Brett Lawrie and the organization is happy that he’s happily adjusting to second base.


NL Central

Chris Carpenter is getting closer…and closer…and closer…but he’s not there yet.

Berkman is on the mend, too. Random thought…does anybody remember Beakman? He was like a creepy, Italian version of Bill Nye and I don’t even remember the dude dressed up as a rat pictured above, but it’s still probably more interesting than news about Berkman’s wrist.

So Milton Bradley didn’t get all flustered when discussing balls and strikes with an umpire…whoop-de-freakin do.

A Cub fan is giving away free tickets to girls who send him pictures of their racks. Is this what has happened to Bartman? This gives me more reasons to hate Craigslist and creepy Cubs fans.

Are the Cubs screwed? I don’t know, but I love how much Cubs fans hate Neal Cotts and David Patton. Self-deprecating humor is usually enjoyable from most anywhere.

—Meanwhile, the Pirates are definitely going international.

Other News

Gary Glover was dumped by the Nats…ouchies.

Biz of Baseball talks to Matt Vasgersian and yes, they do talk about his epic flub-up that made its way to Youtube.

—Russell the Muscle, whose titanic blasts are missed by us at RFB, started a vision-improvement program last year and it has paid off.


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