B/R Turns WWE (Chapter 18: ECW)

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMay 12, 2009

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(Jax - Commentator 1) Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to another action filled night at ECW.

I am Jax and this is Tony Sherman.

Just a reminder that this is our last episode before Judgment Day.

What on earth is that black velvet bag hanging over the ring?

(Tony - Commentator 2) I have no idea.

Anyway, here are some highlights of last week's show for those of you who missed it.

Highlights showing the hardcore championship match play.

Jax: We have four new talents that we will see in action tonight for the first time, two of them in a triple threat match.

The lights go out and "Tear Away" fills the stadium the crowd goes wild when the lights go back on Anon is standing in the ring.

Hanging above his head is the hardcore championship title.
The black velvet bag lays discarded on the ground.

Rashad wastes no time getting to the ring and offloading punches on Anon, he is quickly joined by Sting (Doctor Death's new name).

Who has not forgotten the steel chair to the head by Rashad last week..
“Seek and Destroy” hits as Daniel comes sliding into the ring.

The crowd goes crazy.

Tony: What the hell is going on here; will you look at this?

Rashad and Daniel are at it straight away Sting offloads a kick to Anon’s mid section he gets him into a headlock but Anon sends him flying out of the ring,

Godsmack “The Enemy” fills the stadium as Celeste walks out onto the ramp microphone in hand.

Celeste: Whoa! stop, please stop.

I see you have all decided to start a match without letting me in on it, I like the way you think, therefore at Judgment Day you will be facing each other in a ladder match, for the hardcore championship.

As for tonight, I think I will have you pairing up in a tag team match.

It will be Rashad and Daniel vs. Anon and Sting.

I suggest you all learn to get along and get ready for it.
Thank you.

“The Enemy” plays as Celeste leaves.

The four men are staring each other down as they leave the ring.

Jax: I don’t think Celeste was too happy; nice call though.

Tony: I’ll say, I'm looking forward to seeing them later tonight I hope there is enough room in the ring for those massive four egos.

(Commercial break)

Jax: And were back, here we go.

Announcer: the next match is a triple threat match and is scheduled for one fall or Submission Introducing first from Atlanta, GA standing at 6 ft. 3 inches and weighing in at 230 pounds Scotty.

ACDC's "Back in Black" fills the stadium as Scotty makes his way to the ring.

And from Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Mike Wollin.

Hatebreed's cover of "refuse/resist" plays as he makes his way to the ring
And the final challenger for this match, Kumar.

(Bell ring)

Scotty and Mike start things off while Kumar stays clear in a corner.
Scotty pushes Mike into the ropes and goes for a clothesline Mike counters with a flying shoulder barge which brings Scotty to his knees.

Mike not wasting anytime delivers a low baseball slide and sends Scotty out of the ring.

Scotty hitting the barricade Mike right behind him delivers a knee to his kidneys then slides Scotty back into the ring.

As he attempts to enter the ring he is met by a huge power punch from Kumar that knocks him off the apron.

Kumar now with an Irish whip on Scotty straight into the turnbuckle sternum first that leaves him in agony on the mat; Kumar goes for a quick pin 1…2… kick out.

Kumar, not giving Scotty the chance to get to his feet, goes for another pin 1…2…kick out again.

Scotty on his feet now Kumar goes for an Irish whip but Scotty has a firm grip on the ropes.

The referee breaks it up.

Mike now in the ring delivers an Irish whip to Kumar and follows it up with a huge body slam. Chops to Kumar’s chest followed with a snap suplex.

He goes for the pin 1...but Scotty breaks it up with a hard hit to Mike’s back.
Scotty locks in the cross face Mike is fading fast but he gets to the ropes for a break.

Kumar sizes Mike up with a baseball slide and Mike is out of the ring, he follows him out and sends him flying into the steel steps head first.

Mike is not moving.

Kumar now back in the ring goes after Scotty with an Irish whip
He sizes Scotty up and goes for a spear but Scotty counters with a
high knee to the face.

He locks in Kumar’s arms and pile drives him delivering a perfect 
Death Drop.

He goes for the pin 1…2…3

(Bell ring)

Announcer: Here is your winner, Scotty.
ACDC Back in Black fills the stadium as the referee holds up Scotty’s arm.

Jax: Wow what a match, I think these two newcomers will fit in here nicely.

Commercial break

Tony: And were back

Cameras to Celeste’s office

Rashad: I don’t see why I have to wait till Judgment Day to get my Hardcore title back.

Celeste: You know the rules Rashad you have to defend it 24/7 and before you say anything else, that rule also applies to theft.

Rashad: But it’s not like Anon won the title off me.

Celeste: No, but it did leave your hands, and he did bring it back with a challenge for it.
I guess we will find out who wants it most on Judgment Day.
In the meantime, enjoy the peace.

Rashad: Yeah, we will see.

Jax: Just an update on the ECW Judgment Day card:

Tony Arnoldine will be facing Michael Scanion for the ECW Championship.

The tag team of Kevin and Tyler Williams will be facing Jabot and Clifford.

Anon, Sting, Rashad and Daniel will be in a ladder match for the Hardcore Championship.

Next up we have 2 more newcomers: debuting David Bowston said to be a high flyer, and from Manila, Philippines, John Louie Ramos.

I hear Louie has some training in Muay Thai, I wonder how will adapt those skills into wrestling?

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall.
Introducing from Manila Philippines Louie Ramos, and his opponent standing at 5-foot-7 weighing in at 183 pounds, David Bowston.

Lost Prophets ”Rooftops” fills the stadium as David makes his way to the ring.

(Bell Ring)

Grapple and lock David goes for a headlock but Louie counters by throwing him into the ropes and delivers a quick hip throw.

David quick to his feet, trying to lock in a suplex but Louie counters with some high elbows then throws David into the ropes with an Irish whip.

David blocks and executes a springboard kick that connects with Louie’s jaw.

Louie down now; David delivers a few well-placed kicks to his midsection.
David moves in for the count 1…2...kick out.

Louie to his feet now gets David in a headlock and delivers some deadly knees to David’s midsection.

Following it up now with an Irish whip to David blocks and side steps as Louie comes after him.

Louie wastes no time and goes to the top rope David follows him up and delivers a precision top rope huracanrana that sends Louie into a flying somersault.
David moves in for the cover 1…2, kick out.

Louie wobbly to his feet now David not giving an inch gets Louie in a head lock and locks in the Fisherman Neck breaker for the pin 1…2…3
It’s over.

(Bell Ring)

Announcer:  Your winner David Bowston.

Lost Prophets ”Rooftops” fills the stadium.

Jax: Well that was a quick match; the speed of those two was amazing.

Tony: Well it certainly wasn’t boring.

Commercial break

Jax: And were back.

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match.
Introducing the tag team of Rashad August and Daniel Sumrall.

Metallica- Seek and destroy fills the stadium.

Rashad and Daniel enter the ring.

Sting is already there waiting for them a sinister smirk on his face.

And the Tag team of Sting and Anon.

Drowning Pool “Tear Away” fills the stadium as the lights go out..

The tall, dark, sinister masked figure of AG takes form as he makes his way to the ring.

(Bell Ring)

Anon and Rashad start the match with Anon off loading some punches on Rashad.
Rashad with an Irish whip send Anon in to the corner he rushes at him and just misses walking on to a giant boot.

Rashad off loads some punches and heads for the second rope he has Anon in a headlock but Anon throws Rashad halfway across the ring.

Anon closes in for an elbow drop Rashad quickly rolls out of the way.
There was nobody there; Anon quickly to his feet.

Rashad off the ropes now delivers a swinging neck breaker he moves in for the pin 1...2.. kick out.

Both men back to their feet Rashad tries an Irish whip but Anon reverses it and delivers a huge clothes line.
He moves in for the pin 1…2 kick out.

Rashad again with another Irish whip Anon reverses it again and delivers a mighty Side slam he goes for the pin 1..2.. Daniel breaks the hold with a kick to Anon’s back.

Tag made Daniel the legal man in.

Daniel throws Anon into the ropes Anon returns with a thunderous clothesline.

Tag made Sting the legal man in.

Sting now with a clothes line to Daniel he moves in for the pin 1...2...Shoulder up and Daniel quickly gets to his feet.

Daniel now with an Irish whip into the ropes Sting reverses it and delivers a mighty power slam.

Rashad fearing Daniel will be pinned rushes at Sting but Sting is too fast he ducks under and elevates him, he drops from the enormous height.

Daniel throws Sting into the ropes he comes back with a choke hold Rashad from behind with punches, Sting lets go and Rashad quickly tags himself in.

Tag made Anon legal man in.

Anon with a clothes line, Rashad ducks and gains momentum from the ropes but walk straight into a boot.

Sting is on the outside chasing Daniel.
Daniel now with a steel chair hits Sting straight across the face.

(Bell Rings)

Announcer: your winners as a result of a disqualification the team of Anon and Sting.

Drowning Pool “Tear Away” fills the stadium.

Tony: Wow, what a power match.

Jax: Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s all we have for tonight make sure to join us at Judgment Day, have a great evening.


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