Kobe Bryant: Adding Jumping Over Cars to Contract

Ronald LipmanCorrespondent IApril 11, 2008

(11:15am, 4-11-2008) So I was just doing my regular morning web search when I found and interesting video of Mr. Kobe Bryant.  Now I know myspace has become a huge media source but when does it get to far?
If I am the Lakers well this is way too far.  A lot of words get taken out of context or things get "miss-remembered," not video though!  It seems as if Kobe is taking more risks than just spending time in Colorado.  His newest thing seems to be jumping over speeding cars! 

I know its an expensive hobby, not because of the car, because of Kobe's 136.4 million dollar contract.  I do have to say this is better than Brandon Marshall triping over a Mcdonald's bag and getting major surgery for it, but not by much.