Full Preview for WWE Main Event Featuring The Shield and Mark Henry

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistAugust 7, 2013

Photo by Chris Mueller (Hey, that's me!)
Photo by Chris Mueller (Hey, that's me!)

The August 7 edition of Main Event emanated from the BMO Harris Bank Center in Rockford, Ill. I was in attendance for this week's tapings of Main Event and SmackDown, so this preview will feature minor spoilers from the show.

But don't fear, no match results will be spoiled for you here.

This week's episode of Main Event will feature a six-man tag match, a Divas match and a singles match that may surprise some people who see it.

The big match of the night featured The Shield taking on The Usos and Mark Henry in another six-man tag match that furthered their feuds heading into SummerSlam.

This match will be pretty standard as far as six-man matches go, but considering it's The Shield and The Usos, you can expect some excitement peppered throughout the match.

Mark Henry was the most over of the six men with the Rockford crowd, with "We want Henry!" chants ringing throughout the arena during the match.

WWE has yet to make any official matches for SummerSlam featuring any of these six men, so it will be interesting to see exactly what matches end up taking place. Considering these six men have faced off several times in recent weeks, it is safe to say at least one match will come out of this feud at SummerSlam.

The second match of the night will feature two of WWE's more muscular Divas facing off, Natalya and Aksana.

This match will serve mostly as filler, with the announcers likely making several references to Natalya's role on the hit show Total Divas.

The crowd was somewhat dead through most of this match, so expect some canned audience responses to be edited in by WWE.

The third match that will be featured is the one that may surprise some people. Sin Cara will be taking on Curtis Axel in another singles match in their ongoing series.

These two have faced off several times in the past, but this was far and away their best match to date.

Sin Cara was really meshing well with Axel, and the two pulled off a few impressive spots throughout the match.

This is the match that will have people talking, especially considering how tough people have been on Sin Cara in the past over his in-ring work.

Usually when it comes to Main Event, it is the first match of the night that steals the show, but this week may end up seeing the final match of the night get the most attention.

Then again, this is WWE. Editing is a big part of pre-taped shows, so this match might get cut down in favor of featuring more of the six-man tag match.

WWE's midweek show is usually good for some decent action without too many video packages and promos filling up the hour.

Hopefully, the show is as enjoyable on TV as it was to see live in person. Make sure to tune in Wednesday night to see who takes home a win and who goes home empty-handed.


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