CM Punk Has Masterfully Carried His Feud in Brock Lesnar's Absence

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistAugust 8, 2013

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Tack on another accomplishment to CM Punk’s WWE career! Unsurprisingly to most, Punk has masterfully carried a feud during Brock Lesnar’s absence.

Never an easy task considering it takes two to sell a feud. In Punk’s case, he’s had help from Paul Heyman, who represents “his client," Lesnar. Together, they both worked well selling their dissolution and boosting Punk’s SummerSlam encounter with Lesnar.

Lesnar isn’t known for cutting promos, an honor that belongs to Heyman. The evil genius in Heyman isn’t the focus, as Punk has taken the spotlight in this feud. His recent face turn placed him back in the good graces of all of the WWE fans.

However, other factors have played into this achievement.

Let’s not forget that earlier this year, Punk accomplished this feat before. He was still the main daily focus despite coming up short against The Rock at this past January’s Royal Rumble and February’s Elimination Chamber events. Punk carried that feud working with Rock’s limited schedule, as the then-WWE champion was busy making appearances promoting his movies.

How does CM Punk do it? How is he capable of carrying his second feud virtually by himself? He’s not even wrestling on television weekly, only sparingly. Since his return at Payback, he has faced a limited handful of opponents. With the exception of pay-per-views, he’s fought Alberto Del Rio, the Prime Time Players, Curtis Axel and Fandango. Add his victory over Chris Jericho at Payback and losing the Money in the Bank ladder match, which brings his total to seven matches.

If it’s not the wrestling or those around him, then what is it? Well, the answer is as clear as day. CM Punk is carrying his feud with Lesnar because he makes the crowd believe in his words.

Watch his recent promo work. Sure, some fans cheer after every one of Punk’s sentences. The WWE Universe is listening and holding on to Punk’s every word.

Why, some may ask?  Frankly, it’s because of Punk’s delivery. We’ve all known his promo work to be exceptional. Presently, it’s basically Punk talking to the universe without dealing with his opponent on a weekly basis.

The August 5 edition of Raw became the exception, where Punk and Lesnar brawled again with Lesnar gaining the upper hand. Otherwise, this has all been Punk. He’s had to sell Heyman’s betrayal and his upcoming match with Lesnar at the same time. And he’s excelled at it.

CM Punk is masterfully carrying his feud with Brock Lesnar. Their match at SummerSlam on August 18 can’t come soon enough. The match sold itself, but credit CM Punk for keeping WWE fans captivated and eager for what’s to come.