Ortonites Can Sleep Soundly This Sunday: The WWE Does Value Its Future

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMay 11, 2009

If you are a fan of "The Animal" Dave Batista, I suggest that you exit this article immediately. In no way do I wish to offend those who devote their affection to Evolution's "muscle" and would feel even worse if I spoiled Judgement Day for everyone.

With that being said, I direct my attention to the ever-growing legion of Randy Ortonites.

Let's face it, WWE storylines aren't exactly the most complicated things to figure out in most instances. So it wouldn't shock me if many of you have already watched Judgement Day 2009 (play out in your heads that is).

I certainly know that I have.

So as I focused my attention to Monday Night Raw this week, I was very pleased with the results.

Batista did exactly what I wanted him to do.

As I do most PPV-eve's (when greatness carries gold), I focused all of my support towards (the opponent) Dave Batista.

The traditional process of putting "over" the future loser of the PPV's main event on the final program prior to the show-down is an occurence I await with great anticipation, especially when the final result plays out in my favor.

I wanted Dave to get his "one-on-one" shot with Randy Orton on Raw. I wanted Batista to beat Randy Orton down, hurt Randy Orton, and get all of his anger out when it mattered the least.

Thus is the nature of the beast and Batista (as is always the case), didn't fail to disappoint.

As some Ortonites may have had their stomachs turn with every Batista-driven steel chair shot to an ankle that possesses more talent than the entirety of the attacker, I relished in the sweet satisfaction of watching my devious hopes come true.

Randy Orton is not going to lose to Batista at Judgement Day.

With the WWE/World Titles switching hands at almost every pay-per-view, it has been long known that the company is in dire need of a healthy does of stability.

Batista, that dose of stability? Give me a break.

Batista is a solid main-event competitor but the WWE fans will not be thrilled with the same Batistic set of events, repeating over and over again in the event that he became champion for an undeserved fifth time.

If you've seen one Batista promo cut on Raw or Smackdown, you've basically been exposed the the man's entire repertoire and then some.

"You're really starting to piss me off!"

"When I get my hands on you, I'm going to hurt you!"

"C'mon! C'mon!"

If Batista were to become WWE Champion this Sunday, you could erase the name "Randy Orton" and insert the name of any WWE Superstar within any of those sophisticated promo proclamations and you will have gotten an early preview of what Monday Night Raw would look like under the leadership of the great Batista.

Luckily, Randy Orton didn't punt all of the common sense out of Vince McMahon's skull. The WWE is still being run by a man who thankfully, cares about the future of his company.

Randy Orton can feud with everyone from the "Silver-Spoon" Shane McMahon to that guy who happens to be in bed with his sister and still make it look good in the process.

Orton's limitations within the fabric of intricate story-telling are endless where as Batista's level of limitation can be personified by any of the above mentioned Batistisms.

So I say to those fellow Ortonites, you can all sleep soundly this Sunday. Randy Orton's WWE Title is glued to his shoulder more than John Cena's lips are to the backside of Vince McMahon's rear.

And I say to those who have fanned the opposition, I certainly hope you exited the article at the point in which it was suggested.

Happy Judgement Day in advance ladies and gentlemen.