The Nickel: VIP Lounge Debuts, New Tag Team, Orton/Batista, RAW Recap

AkDSenior Writer IMay 11, 2009

Orton's Offer

Orton gave a speech about taking out the McMahons...again. Orton gave Batista an interesting offer. Orton offered Batista a spot in Legacy to be a right hand man. His speech was actually pretty good when he mentioned Arn Anderson and the four Horsemen.

I do have thoughts on a Batista heel turn somewhere down the line, could this be an important point? Batista turned it down and started talking on the mic. He made it clear that he didn't like Orton, he hated him, he despised him.

That was the "change the channel cue", but Vickie Guerrero saved the day fortunately. She released on loud "excuse me" and I left my televisi Unfortunately, she proved the majority right when she booked the Rhodes & DiBiase vs Batista.

Vickie came out and I kept my television on USA. Vickie and RAW were called "predictable"...I'm glad someone is taking notice. She even enforced the boring stipulation as the last time.

If Legacy wins, they get to team with Orton in the main event and if they lost, Batista had Orton one on one in the main event. The match was the first of the night and was boring.

Batista lost by DQ again and the three on one handicap match was set. I know refs DQ for using foreign objects, but they do if a star is holding it? RAW's opening was extremely weak.


Tag Division Lives?

Carlito was in action against Brian Kendrick... The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick defeated Carlito and declared his quest to become one half of the tag champions. He's looking for a new tag partner to take down the Colons, can we stop the World Greatest Tag Team talk already? This might be interesting, wonder who his partner will be? I've been thinking and haven't came up with anyone...any guesses?

VIP Lounge

MVP hosted the lounge with William Regal as the guest. It had to be coming. The build for the feud was falling into place as Regal responded to MVP on the mic and did a pretty good job unlike the ballin' superstar. 

"I'm ballin'! And you're boring."

What a great line.

Thank goodness for Matt Hardy, he made the segment better. Hardy was still complaining about his broken hand and told Regal to step aside so he could face MVP. Hardy made a good point about beating MVP numerous times.

Kofi Kingston ran in and things became more interesting as he started brawling with Hardy, but turned out to be predictable as the inevitable tag match was in the works. Kofi and Regal provided solid work and Hardy walking out on Regal was hilarious. MVP and Kofi won after MVP hit the playmaker on Regal.


RAW is Predictable

First vickie's announcement was predictable, then Legacy being taken out was. Orton was being interviewed by Josh Matthews (looks like someone slapped him) when DiBiase alerted him that Cody Rhodes has gone missing.

They went looking for him and they split up. Cody was socializing in the halls and Orton returned to Ted's side only after a couple of seconds and he was on the floor. 

Batista beat him up that quickly?

Cody suffered the same fate when Orton sent him "alone" to go hunt Batista. He went looking for him with a led pipe and found nothing but Hornswoggle in a closet.

Anything for television time right?

Batista struck from behind and threw Cody into the closet. The ending of RAW showed Orton and Batista one on one instead of three on one...what a surprise. The match ended in another DQ, that's three in a row for Batista now. 

Here comes the funny part.

Batista attacks Orton with a chair and starts bashing his leg with it. He tries to get the steel steps to smash on his leg, but Priceless returned to help their leader. Orton quickly jumped to his feet for an RKO

What happened to his injured leg?

Priceless were the scapegoats...again. Orton got a way trying to sell his injured leg after Rhodes got a Batista bomb and DiBiase got a spear that he sold really well.


Rest of the Show

Mickie James and Kelly Kelly def. Maryse and Jillian Hall.

We got to see Kelly Kelly, she actually wrestled this time, and Mickie pinned the divas champ again. Will Maryse turn it around? It looks like Mickie has her number.

Santina match/segment

Rosa Mendes looked great tonight. This Santina angle is getting out of control and Beth losing again is a waste of time and talent.

Mr. Kennedy returns soon.