Celebrities Who Are Better Athletes Than You

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterAugust 7, 2013

Celebrities Who Are Better Athletes Than You

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    Most of us would kill to be making a living in one of the three major professions that usually come with celebrity status as a fringe benefit. Those three professions are athlete, actor and rock star.

    However, since most of us have the perspective of being lowly nobodies, just one of those would be more than enough. But all humans fall victim to "the grass is always greener" philosophy at some point in their lives.

    So what does that mean for celebrities? Well...athletes want to be actors. Actors want to be rock stars. And rock stars want to be athletes. Actually, really any combination of those works.

    Even with so much already going for them, they can't help but be drawn to another world. What's annoying about it is not so much that they're drawn to it, but rather the fact that some excel in it.

    Some people just excel at everything.

    Here are some celebrities that are legitimate double threats...some are even triple threats.

George Clooney

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    Of course international superstar George Clooney was (and probably still is) an exceptionally talented athlete. It's hard to imagine he's ever struggled a day in his life!

    As a student in Kentucky's Augusta High School, Clooney was a varsity letterman in basketball. According to his IMDB bio, he pursued a career as a professional athlete before deciding to become an actor.

    Clooney was actually invited to try out for the Cincinnati Reds in 1977—he was just 16 years old at the time. He didn't make the team, but the fact that he was even asked to try at that age speaks for itself.

    Something tells me he hasn't lost a lot of sleep over it in his lifetime.

Matthew Perry

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    Chandler Bing may not look like an intimidating athletic presence, but don't let that facade lull you into a false sense of security. Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, funny man Matthew Perry was actually a nationally ranked tennis player at the age of 13.

    Talented in Canada doesn't always translate to talented in the United States, though. In a September 2012 interview with Men's Health, Perry said he realized he couldn't play tennis for a living after moving to Los Angeles when he was 15 years old.

    He was getting killed by the opposition after relocating, which is why he eventually made the shift to acting. That being said, Perry would still kick your butt all over the tennis court. He still plays in celebrity/charity tournaments regularly.

Josh Duhamel

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    Even in his mid-40s, actor Josh Duhamel somehow still looks like he's straight out of central casting for college football hero. Which is why it comes as no surprise he played quarterback at Minot State University in North Dakota.

    Actually, he mostly played backup QB, but that didn't stop him from dreaming. In a 2011 interview with ESPN Duhamel confessed that at one point he would have probably traded his acting career to be a professional athlete because "that's all [he] cared about."

    Eventually he realized he just didn't have the talent to go pro—but he's probably talented enough to smoke your ass on the football field.

2 Chainz

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    If you ever want to challenge rapper 2 Chainz to something, you probably want to avoid anything that involves a freestyle rap battle or basketball. And definitely anything that combines them both.

    Way before 2 Chainz was 2 Chainz, he was the high school basketball star formerly known as Tauheed Epps. As a sophomore he was the standout sixth man for Georgia's North Clayton High team that won the Class AA state title in 1993.

    Two years later, as a senior at 6'5, Epps was being eyed by the University of Memphis to replace a departing Penny Hardaway. Ultimately he ended up at Alabama State, where his basketball career just fizzled out. Thankfully his music career was just getting started.

Tom Cruise

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    Megastar actor Tom Cruise may not have become the megastar actor he is today if it wasn't for his jock past.

    He actually decided to become an actor after landing the lead role in his high school musical, Guys and Dolls, which he only pursued because he was sidelined from the wrestling team with a knee injury.

    He also tore it up on the soccer field back in the day. Outside of high school athletic pursuits, Cruise has proven himself a top notch athlete on the silver screen over and over again throughout the last two decades.

    Action films like Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher, Collateral and Minority Report are what he's best known for. Cruise trains intensely to prepare for roles and is well known as someone who does his own stunts.

Emma Watson

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    British beauty Emma Watson is reminiscent of Natalie Portman a decade ago. She's stunningly beautiful; an extremely talented actress who is selective about her projects; Ivy League educated.

    And she pulls off a pixie haircut like nobody's business. That's no joke either—you have no idea how difficult it is for a girl to rock that cut with confidence. Take it from someone who has tried and failed…miserably.

    Of course it's only natural that Watson would also be a jock too. She's good at everything else, so why wouldn't she be good at sports? Watson grew up playing field hockey and made the team at Brown while studying there.

    She may not look that intimidating, but discount Hermione Granger at your own peril.

Hugh Jackman

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    Hugh Jackman? Yeah…more like Hugh JACKEDman. Okay, that was a terrible joke. But seriously, just look at that photo! It was impossible to resist.

    Australia's national wonder Hugh Jackman somehow glides seamlessly between lavish Broadway musicals and training to play one of the most badass comic book characters of all time.

    He may not play any actual sports, but his physical transformation and martial arts training certainly qualifies him as more athletic than...almost everyone. Can you believe this guy is almost 45 years old?

Channing Tatum

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    Sorry fellas. As if Channing Tatum's breakout role in the striptastic hit Magic Mike wasn't enough to make you permanently resentful of People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive! And it probably was…

    Turns out he was basically the jock villain in an 80s movie growing up. According to his IMDB bio, Channing was a superstar athlete who excelled in football, soccer, track, baseball and martial arts.

    The only thing he was better at than picking up trophies for sports was probably picking up girls. Hurts, don't it?

Master P

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    Rapper Master P has made quite a name for himself in the music world, but he almost made a name for himself in the NBA. The baller formerly known as Percy Miller was signed by the Charlotte Hornets during the 1998-99 season.

    He was also signed by the Toronto Raptors during the preseason in '99. It didn't work out for him in the NBA, but three years later he was still hoping to overcome the knee injury that kept him from playing college ball and make a name for himself in the league.

Matthew McConaughey

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    For a man who is shirtless as often as actor Matthew McConaughey is, it would be blatantly false advertising if he wasn't at least marginally athletic. It would also be a stunning surprise because…well…have you ever seen Matthew McConaughey?

    Say what you will about his acting abilities (and I know what Stewie Griffin would say) but there's no denying the man looks good.

    McConaughey is an avid surfer these days, but in high school he earned his varsity letters as a member of the golf and tennis teams. Obviously he made those sports look good—McConaughey was also voted Most Handsome at his Texas high school.

Burt Reynolds

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    Legendary actor Burt Reynolds is closing in on the big 8-0, which means he's probably been taking stock of his many accomplishments in life and maybe even wondering what could have been.

    Mr. Burton Leon Reynolds' acting career speaks for itself, but having been shut down in his prime by multiple injuries, his football career definitely ended too soon.

    Reynolds was an All Southern fullback in high school and was highly recruited by a number of top programs. Ultimately he attended Florida State on a full scholarship, but never completed a full season.

Jamie Foxx

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    Jamie Foxx has proven over his career that he can do it all. He's funny. He can sing. He can dance. And he acted his ass off in Django Unchained.

    Apparently he's a pretty good athlete too. Foxx was quarterback of the football team and a basketball player at his Texas high school. He once dreamed of playing for the Cowboys.

    No wonder he was cast in Any Given Sunday—he had plenty of experience at the position.

Dean Cain

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    If you're ever a captain who gets to pick from a pool of celebrities for a golf or poker tournament, or a basketball, baseball or football game—go with actor Dean Cain. Trust me on this one.

    Considering his not-so-impressive acting resume, it's safe to say that Cain has always been a better athlete than an actor. If there's a sport this guy isn't good at, we've yet to see it.

    In high school he was a highly recruited safety who received 17 scholarship offers. Cain decided to forgo the scholarships to attend Princeton, where he set the record for most interceptions in a season and was captain of the volleyball team too.

    After graduation Cain signed on with the Bills as a free agent (they love their Ivy League boys in Buffalo, don't they?) before suffering a devastating knee injury which ultimately ended his career.