WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Goldberg, D-Generation X and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 6, 2013

WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Goldberg, D-Generation X and More

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    Put your ears to the ground and you'll hear Goldberg's name, talk of D-Generation X and speculation about Ricardo Rodriguez.

    Goldberg may just be the next big Superstar to be a part of WWE's upcoming video game. DX's Hall of Fame chances for next year may not be what you think.

    Other rumors put Rodriguez's future with WWE in question and have a NXT prospect jobless even though word is not yet official on his release. Rumors, the tricky beasts that they are, can create stories where there are none, speak of the truth or in the case of one former WCW wrestler, pronounce someone dead while they are still very much alive.

Virtual Goldberg

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    John Bradshaw Layfield is a confirmed playable character on the WWE 2K14 roster. Goldberg is not.

    The former WCW champ may be a part of the game though. Goldberg stirred up rumors when he responded to a fan's tweet with this vague statement:

    Careful what you ask for ...RT @jaay_dasilva98: @WWEgames I want more than anyone @Goldberg

    — Bill Goldberg (@Goldberg) July 31, 2013

    As many issues as Goldberg has had with WWE after leaving the company, it would take some smoothing him over to get him to sign off on this, but if Ultimate Warrior can do it, so can Goldberg.

    Fans will have to wait until SummerSlam to find out if Goldberg is in the game or just blowing smoke.


Ricardo Rodriguez

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    Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer returned from suspension on Monday only to suffer a beating from his employer. Ricardo Rodriguez tried to help his boss cheat to victory, but instead cost him the win.

    The brutality of the beating that Rodriguez endured is inspiring rumors that he's being written off TV already. Marc Middleton of WrestlingInc.com writes that "After a shot between the ring steps, it appears Ricardo was written back off TV. Ricardo was stretchered to the back during the commercial break."

    Bringing him back just for this mauling would certainly be a way to make Del Rio look vicious. 

    Until we hear official word from WWE, it's all speculation right now. Perhaps WWE plans to release Rodriguez or else has a storyline in mind for him avenging his beating.


Disco Is Still Alive

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    Glenn Gilbertti, the man who wrestled as Disco Inferno for WCW in the late '90s, is not dead.

    Normally a wrestler not dying isn't newsworthy, but rumors had recently been circulating that Gilbertti died on August 4. Nick Paglino of WrestleZone.com is among several writers who refuted that report. Paglino wrote, "Gilbertti is alive, in good health, and living in Las Vegas."

    Apparently the rumors began when Gilbertti's Wikipedia page read that he had passed at age 44. Tweets like this one didn't do the truth any favors either:

    Glenn Gilbertti who was known as Disco Inferno in WCW has died. He was 44 years old. More news as we get it. RIP Glenn. #ZigZag

    — Woo Woo Woo Ryder (@WooWooWooRyder1) August 6, 2013




Rumored NXT Release Confirmed

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    NXT prospect Garrett Dylan became the subject of rumors when his profile was removed from the NXT roster page. This was thought to be a precursor to WWE releasing Dylan.

    At least one source is reporting that the rumors are true.

    Raj Giri of WrestlingInc.com wrote of Dylan on Tuesday, "I can confirm that he was released last week. Dylan, whose real name is Jody Kristofferson, is the son of Hollywood actor Kris Kristofferson."

    If this turns out to be true, it only highlights the difficulty of ascending the NXT ladder and making it to the main roster. Dylan was not one of the more talked-about prospects, and although a talented wrestler, is apparently not what WWE is looking for.


D-Generation X No Lock for Hall of Fame

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    WWE's 2014 rumored Hall of Fame class has included everyone from Ultimate Warrior, Paul Bearer and D-Generation X.

    While no one is yet confirmed to officially be inducted next year, it looks like DX might be out of the running. Wrestling Observer via WrestleZone.com reports that "a DX induction, and a Chyna induction, is unlikely at this time."

    The issue with DX joining the Hall of Fame is two-fold. For one, Chyna's involvement in porn makes WWE shy to pull the trigger, but apparently Triple H is just as big of an obstacle.

    Nick Paglino wrote in the aforementioned WrestleZone.com report that "it's being said that Triple H wants to be inducted by himself before he is inducted with anyone else."

    Shawn Michaels is already in on his own and would join Ric Flair as the only two-time Hall of Fame member. Triple H seems to want that honor as well, but has a specific order in mind.