Ranking the 10 Best Trash-Talkers in Boxing Today

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Ranking the 10 Best Trash-Talkers in Boxing Today
He didn't invent the art of trash talk, but few would argue that Muhammad Ali took it to a new level during his two decades in the spotlight.

Let’s go ahead and admit it. It’s one of the reasons we watch.

While it’s easy to get excited about one fighter’s ability to perform with reckless abandon or another’s skill when it comes to the technical aspects of the sport, sometimes it’s the little something extra that turns a garden-variety boxing match into a must-see event.

That something extra is personality, or, as it manifests itself these days in a 21st-century sports world, the ability to create a buzz with words. Some boxers clearly do it better than others, and it goes a long way toward determining why their fights are cult favorites on YouTube and why their press conferences generate instant chatter on Twitter.

We compiled a list of our 10 top active trash-talkers. Click through to see how many of your picks made the cut.

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