6 Things WWE Must Do to Get the Most out of Wade Barrett

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 7, 2013

6 Things WWE Must Do to Get the Most out of Wade Barrett

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    I admit, I am a fan.

    I think Wade Barrett is the kind of wrestler the WWE needs. A throwback to the days of Bruiser Brody. A brawling style like that of Dick the Bruiser and Harley Race. A wrestler whose signature move to victory could be as vicious as an Ox Baker Heart Punch.

    There aren't many like Barrett in the WWE, and for some unexplained reason, the company is wasting his talents and his chance to be a WWE champion.

    Monday night's spot with Daniel Bryan may have proven more than at any one time that the former Intercontinental Champion is nothing more than a jobber right now, which is not fair to Barrett or the fans of the WWE.

    At one point, as leader of The Nexus, it looked like the Brit would take this company by storm. An arm injury all but wiped out his 2012 wrestling year, one in which it looked like the WWE would strap itself to his back and see what he could do as the new top heel in the company.

    It never happened. The company passed him by. Now, without a title and a spot in wrestling purgatory, what is the WWE going to do with a talent such as Barrett's? Here are a few ideas of how to get the most out of this superstar.

Change His Look

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    Rebuild him. I see a man in black, something devious. I see a sinister smile and a "me against the world" attitude.

    That would be the ideal thing for him. He is a solid wrestler, a brawler and a man who has been in a few bar fights in his day. Have the WWE build on that.

    In the vignettes before his return, this was a staple of Monday Night Raw,. I thought we would see a more rough and demanding wrestler.

    We haven't seen it yet.

Hide Him for a While

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    The WWE is faced with a serious influx of too many wrestlers.

    With Mark Henry returning, Christian getting a shot at the World Title and the soon-to-be-announced return of Big Show, is there really any place for him?

    Barrett was a main event star as the leader of The Nexus, but that fell apart (thank you, WWE).

    If Barrett left for, say, a month or two, he gets repackaged or re-evaluated. Upon his return, he gets the push he deserves. 

    Right now, there are too many returning stars (RVD) who have pushed him down the line.

An American, a Swiss and a Brit Walk into a WWE Arena

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    It may sound like a joke, but Barrett could work with Zeb Colter and be great.

    His British patriotism falls right into place with the "Real Americans" and their brand of wrestling. 

    Zeb Colter is perfect for him as his "advisor," speaking the gospel of the Brit's "hard work" to come to America and his family being a bunch of bar brawlers.

    And a combination of Antonio Cesaro and Barrett could be a tag team-winning combination.

A Paul Heyman Guy

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    When it was announced that Heyman would be introducing a new member of his group, I thought Barrett would become Public Enemy No. 1.

    It never happened. 

    Brock Lesnar is a part-time guy. Curtis Axel is not getting over with the fans, and Heyman needs an enforcer who is there every night. Barrett fits that role.

    There were plenty of different characters in the Dangerous Alliance back in the days of WCW. Barrett is that same kind of character Paul E. Dangerously would have picked up in a heartbeat.

Tag Team with Sheamus, Managed by William Regal

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    God save the queen

    Another British Invasion. Not as big as the Beatles, but a definite upgrade in the tag team ranks.

    These two UK brawlers are an ideal match and would complement each other well. An addition of Regal just makes the team stronger. A manager who can also get in the ring makes them that much more effective.

    This works for me as a heel or face team.

A Face Turn

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    When he lost the Intercontinental Ttile to Curtis Axel, I thought this was the right move and still do.

    There are plenty of heels who can carry this company. He is a jobber, a man without an identity. And I think Barrett as a face gets over with the fans.

    The WWE has not had a British superstar they loved since the days of the British Bulldog. Does he challenge Dean Ambrose? What about Bray Wyatt? If Kane turns to the dark side, he becomes a potential opponent.

    There is a lot more potential in his face turn (Ryback) than there is right now with him in his current position.