Minnesota Vikings: A Favre Interest?

OliviaCorrespondent IMay 11, 2009

Mark Wilf, the Minnesota Vikings president, announced Monday that the team was indeed interested in the so called "retired" quarterback, Brett Favre.

Like we all saw last year when Favre retired for the first time, he couldn't seem to make up his mind. One day he was retired, the next he wasn't.

Are we going to have another episode of this? On Apr. 28, the New York Jets let the "retired" NFL star go. At the time, Favre had no interest in un-retiring. Yet the star hasn't said another word about this unfolding situation, and people can't help but wonder if he is having second thoughts about retiring once again.

"Ultimately, you'll have to ask Brett what his plans are, but, sure, there's interest in Brett Favre. But again, it's part of a process we have in general with any of our players. We're always looking to make our team better," Wilf explained.

As of now, Favre has not made a decision about his future. His decision, however, isn't the only thing that comes into effect here. His health is also a huge issue. Favre has a partially torn bicep tendon in his throwing arm. This causes him great pain when he plays.

After the messed up separation between the quarterback and his old team, the Green Bay Packers, Favre's first reaction was to play for the Vikings, a rival and divisional team to the Packers.

A deal never went through but will it this year? The Vikings have struggled to bring in a good, strong quarterback for years. This now sparks the interest in Favre.

Favre has many more days to decide and a lot can change: his decision, the teams decision, and his health. If he really has the passion to play and is healthy enough, he is free to sign with the Vikings.