NFL's New Draft Idea for the Pro Bowl Is Just Lipstick on a Pigskin

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"What can we do to make you, dear NFL fan, care about the Pro Bowl?"

That question has been repeatedly kicked around the offices at 345 Park Avenue for some time now. The All-Star Game of the planet's most powerful sports league has become not only an afterthought but also a punchline to most football fans everywhere.

It's a game plagued with apathy, starting with the players, who clearly don't resemble their regular-season selves while playing in a game whose meaning—determining the better conference in American pro football—is virtually negligible today.

But the league will implement a package of new rules for the 2014 Pro Bowl, most notably eschewing the AFC vs. NFC format and the creation of an All-Star player draft.

Yes, Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice will pick the teams for this game, just like you used to do before your pickup games during recess. While seeing how these two NFL Hall of Famers measure talent will create some drama, it doesn't guarantee these guys will work any harder on the field at Aloha Stadium. 

I have some ideas on how to shore up the NFL's All-Star Game, and I've shared them with you here, in my latest episode of "Let Me Get This Straight." Check out my takes in the video above, and leave your thoughts on the Pro Bowl in the comments.

You can also hit me up on Twitter at @JoshZerkle. Feel free to use the hashtag #LMGTS, before the political crazies do. 

If nothing else, give a shout-out to the guys who produce and edit these videos every week. They're doing their best to prevent you from maintaining constant eye contact with me. Because that would just be weird. 

And once again, thanks for watching. 

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