World Football: Football's Great Doppelgängers

Savvas Christou@@melosport_comContributor IIIAugust 6, 2013

World Football: Football's Great Doppelgängers

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    Thanks to the technological revolution, known in some quarters as the internet, everyone has a doppelganger. Nobody is safe—not a soul.

    Football fans demand entertainment—both on and off the pitch and the sport is an emotionally intense arena for all concerned.

    The pressure cooker often brings out both the very best and very worst in people, resulting in ample ammunition in unearthing appropriate doubles.

    From many worthy candidates, the list has been whittled down to a final 10.

    Enjoy football’s great doppelgängers.

10. Fabio Capello and Carl from the Movie "Up"

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    The distinguished former Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid coach was brought in by the English Football Association to end the Three Lions’ trophy drought.

    Despite improvements, Capello cut a miserable figure during his tenure, culminating with players who complained of his almost militant regime (according to the Daily Mirror).

    Aside from sharing a striking resemblance with 78-year-old Carl from the 2009 movie Up, Capello too encountered constant struggles during his time in England.

9: Marlon Harwood and Admiral Ackbar

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    The ex-West Ham, Newcastle and Aston Villa front-man has frequently moved clubs due to his frustrating inconsistency in-front of goal.

    However he should have listened to his doppelgänger’s words of warning when Admiral Ackbar declared, “It’s a trap!” in Return of the Jedi. Joining Aston Villa was a mistake as 22 of his 23 appearances during the 2007/08 league season were from the substitutes bench. Harewood has struggled ever since.

    As for the Admiral, well, he was certainly worth listening to—as leading the Rebels (not to be confused with southern hemisphere Rugby Union) to victory over the Empire was no mean feat.

8: Wayne Rooney and Shrek

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    Once a Blue, Always a Blue” were the famous words which came back to haunt Wayne Rooney.

    The infamous phrase was unveiled after scoring for his boyhood club Everton. Loyalty was obviously a key point for the Merseysider since he promptly left the Toffees, who nurtured his considerable talents, at the ripe old age of 18.  

    Nine years on and his future is once again subject to feverish speculation, this time whilst at Manchester United.

    Despite being recognised as England's most gifted player since Paul Gascoigne, Rooney has also earnt the notorious tag of resembling Shrek—rather flattering.

7: Dimitar Berbatov and Lord Blackwood

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    The Bulgarian’s tense gaze on a football pitch when things are not quite going his way is enough to scare the best of us, making him an almost carbon copy of Mark Strong’s character in the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie—Lord Blackwood.

    Thankfully, Berbatov's move from Manchester United to Fulham has resulted in considerably more game time culminating in less sinister glances at, well, everyone.

6: David Luiz and Sideshow Bob

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    Robert Underdunk Terwilliger is better known as Sideshow Bob in the TV cartoon, The Simpsons.

    Fortunately Chelsea’s Brazilian defender David Luiz only shares a maze of locks with the cartoon character and not his fixation with the demise of Bart Simpson.

    Actually, that last point is a complete assumption—thinking about it, footballers do have an awful lot of spare time on their hands so who knows...

5: Luka Modric and Gollum

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    My precious!” said Luka Modric after his eyes lit up upon hearing of Chelsea’s attempts to entice him away from White Hart Lane in 2011. As per Gollum, the Croat turned into a strange old creature.

    When Real Madrid took up the chase in 2012, his powers became too powerful for his Master (Daniel Levy) to keep him at Spurs.

4: Jurgen Klopp and the Honey Monster

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    It just would not be cricket if a German failed to make it into the doppelgänger list (given it's origin)

    The Borussia Dortmund coach has won many admirers with his frank interviews during the years.

    His larger-than-life similarity with breakfast cereal promoter, the Honey Monster, is too good to miss.

    Distant relatives perhaps?

3: Sven-Göran Eriksson and Charles Montgomery "Monty" Burns

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    When Michael Owen famously sunk the Germans with a superb hat-trick in Munich during the autumn of 2001, Sven-Göran Eriksson must have rubbed his hands together with glee—“Excellent

    Unfortunately, the Swede’s time in charge of England’s so-called "Golden Generation" amounted to little, with his lasting legacy being nothing other than a physical comparison to the owner of Springfield’s Nuclear Power Plant.  

2: Luis Suarez and Animal

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    Two peas in a pod.

    Both are undeniable geniuses in their field of choice—football for the Uruguayan and music for the muppet.

    However, it is also widely acknowledged that the pair share an uncontrollable penchant for disorder and chaos.  

1: Dirk Kuyt and Sloth

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    “Hey you guys!” is arguably one of the most memorable cinematic moments for all those ‘80s kids who crammed into movie theatres to watch The Goonies.

    Unfortunately for former Liverpool forward Dirk Kuyt, this goal celebration was too good to miss and surely one which the Dutchman would prefer to forget.

    Ruth! Baby Ruth!