Kobe Bryant Posts Bikini Pics of Wife to Instagram, Removes Them and Reposts

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 6, 2013

Image via @KobeBryant
Image via @KobeBryant

Posting pictures of your significant other to the Internet is a lot like playing Russian roulette with an Uzi—generally not a high-percentage move.

It’s a practice that can easily land you in the doghouse—unless you’re Kobe Bryant. The Los Angeles Lakers star proved he isn’t afraid to show off his wife, Vanessa Laine, when he posted images of her hanging out in a bikini to Instagram on Monday.

The scantily clad shots were picked up by Spencer Lund of DimeMag.com and feature Mrs. Kobe Bryant posing in a green, frilly bikini straight out of a Wreckx-N-Effect video.

Soon after posting, however, Bryant removed the images from the web. The reason seemed at first to be the response from commenters, some of whom took the post as an opportunity to make as many lewd comments as they could imagine.

Another distinct possibility would’ve been Bryant getting an angry call from Vanessa telling him to take the pictures down. If your girl doesn’t like how she looks in a picture (always a coin flip), even a fully clad photo can land you in trouble. 

The real reason Bryant removed the photos, however, appears to stem from copyright concerns. Hours after being removed from the Internet, the Black Mamba reposted the bikini pictures—this time with a slight change.

When the images resurfaced, they featured a different filter (Kobe Bryant, Instagram perfectionist) and an unmistakable “@KobeBryant" watermark.

That’s right. Bryant wasn’t in the doghouse; he just wanted to make sure he received credit for the pictures. 

Love the confidence, Kobe, but like we could ever forget who posted pictures of your wife to your account.


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