San Francisco 49ers: Understanding the New Uniform

S LCorrespondent IMay 11, 2009

Matt Barrows of the Sac Bee recently wrote a piece about the sleeves on the new 49ers uniforms. As many of you know, the stripes on the sleeves were modified, getting smaller as you go down.

The nice thing about the new uniform is that it is lighter and makes allows for better mobility. The stripes stretch better and the drop shadows allow the jersey, along with the new fabric, to breathe easier. Also, the piping down the pants also allow the players to move easier.

So far, a lot of players like the way the uniform fits and looks, which is pretty much all that it should be.

Also, Barrows gave us a little tidbit on the process of the uniforms.

  • The 49ers won't wear any "throwbacks" this season. But they probably will in coming seasons. And when they do, look for the 49ers to go way, way back. Here's one vote for the 1962 silver and red duds.
  • The 49ers got rid of the shadowed numbers and nameplates. But they kept the shadowing behind the logo on the helmet. Why? Because it provides a good foundation for the logo when it's on television, according to team officials. During the two-year process of designing the new uniforms, the team actually filmed the new helmets at Candlestick Park to see how it would appear on television. The black background makes the logo "pop" better.
  • Why not return to the broad stripe down the leg that the Joe Montana-era uniforms had? The stripes don't have a lot of give, and players found them too restrictive. The broad stripe also looked funny on some of the thinner-legged players. When ex-49er Brandon Lloyd wore the throwbacks, for instance, the stripe nearly wrapped around his entire leg.

And if you're looking for an alternate mascot, Uni Watch has this idea. There are some cleaner shrimp that look very similar to the 49ers pants stripes. Now that's cool!